SACMI, smart solutions for Quality Control of metal packaging

Computer Vision solutions - for each step of the range - are designed to redefine quality control in the direction of productive and predictive process monitoring

A complete range of Computer Vision solutions designed for every stage of metal packaging production for the food, beverage, industrial and aerosol sectors.

This is the added value offered by a partner such as SACMI, which is the only competitor on the market able to offer comprehensive solutions by assisting customers with the in-line Quality Control.

This includes the inspection of coated metal sheets, where the innovative ECLIPSIM COAT applies Chrometriq: the patented lighting system. This is able to detect defects of extremely small dimensions (up to 0.15 mm) at a production speed of up to 6 thousand sheets/hour.

Among the various downstream solutions, SACMI offers ULYSSE. This is the "all-in-one" system for lid and capsule inspection, which integrates the calculation unit inside the Chrometriq illuminator.
iCan, by SACMI, offers a system used for inspecting the inside of cans which is capable of intercepting defects, up to a tenth of a millimetre, throughout the whole surface.

Furthermore, the CONTCHECK360 system applies the innovative CVS360-3D software for quality control of can decoration and seaming. CVS360-3D implements proprietary 3D vision algorithms capable of reproducing any three-dimensional object on a 2D image. This compensates for any deformation due to perspective, optics and spatial position.

Finally, DECOCAP-360-3D and LUGGEDCAP-360-3D complete the range. These two systems apply CVS360-3D technology for inspection of the external and internal side of the lugged closures such as twist-off or press-twsit closures, including the side skirt.

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