Sustainable rigid packaging - SACMI to host the AIM

Sustainable rigid packaging - SACMI to host the AIM "Technological Day" on new cellulose-based materials

Leading figures from the research, university and business worlds to participate in the meeting. A great opportunity to discuss the main technological challenges, the state of the art and the key fields of application. The day will also include a visit to the production departments and SACMI's Rigid Packaging Laboratory

From pioneering research to applied technology, building the development prospects of an entire industry: cellulose-based materials for rigid sustainable packaging is a hot topic, and will be the focus of the Technological Day organized by AIM (Italian Association of Science and Macromolecule Technology), scheduled for 22nd November 2022.
Hosted by SACMI - a member of the Association's governing council and scientific board - the day will bring together leading figures from the worlds of research, university and business, including technology users and providers alike.
Always at the forefront of advanced research into polymers - from both a scientific and technical-application perspective - AIM turns the spotlight on an area that is increasingly viewed as a ‘pillar’ of sustainability in rigid packaging.
The most abundant polymer of natural origin, cellulose is in fact sustainable by definition. No fossil fuels are needed to obtain it. Above all, at the end of their life cycles, cellulose-based products can be disposed of together with other compostable materials or fed into the paper recycling chain (depending on formulation). Hence the keen interest in the possibility of making packaging items - containers and especially closures – from compounds with plastic polymers, or even near-pure cellulose fiber that has been treated with additives to give it the required water-repellent, strength and sealing properties.
Achieving these ambitious goals will involve several scientific and technological challenges; such issues will be the focus of the protagonists’ talks on 22nd November. Those talks will be followed by a visit to the production departments and the SACMI Rigid Packaging Laboratory where these lines of research are taking tangible shape on products and technological processes.
Participation in the event is free, but you do need to register: simply write to with the subject header “Participation in the AIM Technological Day on 22 November” and state the number of participants and their e-mail addresses, specifying whether you want to attend the event in person or online.
«Cellulose-based materials and related technologies in plastic industries», 22nd November 2022. 
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Materials and processes for sustainable rigid packaging
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