Akij Bangladesh looks to the future with SACMI high pressure casting

Akij Bangladesh looks to the future with SACMI high pressure casting

First two multi-mould ALS machines already operational, initiating a technological switch that follows successful multi-year partnerships in tile, sanitaryware and tableware production

Two new ALS casting machines are now running at full capacity at the Trishal production unit, completing the first stage of a technological switch in which Akij Bangladesh has embraced SACMI high pressure casting technology.
Behind the investment stand years of shared success on tile, sanitaryware and tableware lines. This latest project is set to launch Akij into the high end of the industry thanks to a technology that delivers better, faster production, higher quality and reduces the need for manual tasks.
The newly installed ALS modules are designed to handle items made with 2-part moulds; in the current Akij portfolio, that mostly means the manufacture of squat pans but also washbasins, water tanks and pedestals. This project follows a 2019 investment in medium-pressure casting benches, a natural step along the technological development path towards higher productivity, quality and process efficiency.
The key feature of SACMI ALS multi-mould solutions is that they allow for, with their dual cavity moulds, simultaneous demoulding of two items: these are then set down on collection benches using a semi-automatic ‘zero-weight’ handling device, thus streamlining the operator’s workflow. Compared to the previous solution, being able to work at high pressure more than halves the duration of the work cycle. This means the manufacturer can use the two machines to produce 56 pieces per cycle (about 112 per hour).
Together with the casting modules, SACMI also supplied all the auxiliary systems, which range from the pressurised slip heating and feed tanks to mould modelling as per the customer's design. More developments are expected in the coming months as the company pushes ahead with investment in new AVB and AVM modules for the robotic casting of WCs. 

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