World premiere for the new HTB chocolate bar wrapping machine, a ‘fully electronic’ solution that follows in the footsteps of the HY7, the ‘hybrid’ praline packager that’s already proved to be a market hit. Also on show will be the new VPS25C continuous motion vertical (VFFS) packaging machine, which is uniquely versatile and provides extremely high quality multi-style bag configurations… and that's not all: SACMI will also be showcasing its digital and sustainability-driven Rigid Packaging and Beverage equipment range.

After a four-year hiatus, Pack Expo Chicago is back! This international packaging & processing technology showcase is set to take place from 23 to 26 October in the city of Chicago. In the spotlight, a revolutionary new product by SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, the new HTB chocolate bar wrapping machine will be will be globally introduced and displayed for the very first time.
This first ever iteration of an advanced electronics machine supersedes all purely mechanical designs, revolutionizing wrapping technology. Within the HTB, time, pressure and temperature are completely controlled in the sealing area forming part of the continuously adaptive flow for each wrapping material, utilizing either traditional or eco-sustainable materials.
The machine performance levels set a whole new market standard: wrapping spends up to 250 bars per minute, with the ability to control every individual operation create a flexibility and accuracy to match the specifications of both the product physical requirements and the packaging material characteristics. This is done in a significantly small footprint. The result is a solution that’s easily to maintained and installed within existing lines.
Specifically, Pack Expo visitors will have the opportunity to see the HTB wrapping machine set up to package double-wrapped bars within a sealed aluminum wrapper and sleeved by a pre-cut chipboard cover.

This line extension is based on our most recent wrapping machine design coming only several months after the launch of our HY7, the wrapping machine for flat-base praline candies.
SACMI Packaging & Chocolate has responded to the sustainability challenge by working alongside leading manufacturers of environment-friendly wrapping materials such as paper-based compostable and bio-polymeric materials.

The same HY7 - which has had great success in the market mere months after its launch will be on display in the form of a Twist on Top praline wrapping version.

Having successfully pursued a strategy of expanding and completing its primary packaging range in recent years, SACMI Packaging & Chocolate will also showcase the VPS25C in Chicago: this continuous vertical packaging machine is designed to meet demand for high speed and flexibility for the food industry.
Extremely compact, the machine is made entirely of stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain and is designed for quick changeovers. With a broad application range, the VPS25C can cover the most diverse packaging styles (pillow block bottom, Quattro seal, hidden fin seal applications, Euro hole, block bottom), meeting most every application requirement.

As a sole provider of various complete packaging technologies for the food and beverage industries, SACMI is the only company in the world able to provide the market with ‘one-stop, turn key’ supply source.
Additionally during Pack Expo, Sacmi will host an area dedicated to the latest developments in the Rigid Packaging and Beverage sector.

The global leader in one-piece cap manufacturing technology, SACMI will also be showcasing the latest digitally-focused developments on its CCM compression press range. High-added-value enabling technology packages are a key feature of the range. These concern both digital process management, with advantages in terms of quality and energy/raw material savings, and long term machine management in the form of the new Smart Pack and Smart Care control and assistance packages.
Note that these services have the capacity to transform the very concept of ‘assistance’, which SACMI provides worldwide via its local offices - in the States through SACMI USA- thus paving the way for predictive, proactive maintenance management.

Completing the latest technologies and services on show at the coming Pack Expo will be IPS, the SACMI preform press family that has been a market leader for 10 years. Even just recently, it was a key component of key investment projects by primary US customers and has undergone upgrades that make management of recycled resins (rPET, recycled PET in flakes) even more efficient and sustainable.
SACMI Beverage is an all-round provider of beverage stretch-blow molding, filling and labeling lines. Its labeling lines are already strongly positioned on the US market, and at Chicago the company will be promoting the latest addition to the range, the new FLEXI OPERA, a cutting-edge, high-speed solution. Offering unmatched flexibility, productivity and ergonomics, this machine is highly suited to a multi-material, multi-format (glass, PET) approach and is designed to maximize reliability and provide high performance for the food, beverage and HPC markets, even in ‘difficult’ production environments (e.g. breweries).
In Chicago SACMI will also present the new FLEXI KUBE, an outstanding modular labeler designed for low-medium speed applications; ready for any customer requirement, it ensures unmatched performance, also with HPC applications for self-adhesive labels.

‘As-standard’ tailor-made solutions are a SACMI Beverage hallmark. And at Pack Expo the company will be presenting the new Blo2Fill, an integrated stretch-blow/fill solution with a range of features that include an automatic setting for the stretch-blowing and filling of gallon containers, the standard size on the US market. The new Blo2Fill features the new preform and cap feeders, plus the new integrated electronic capper, thus ensuring maximum efficiency and a smaller footprint.

Out of all the SACMI packaging solutions, last but certainly not least are its proprietary Computer Vision systems. These AI-powered systems take quality control to a whole new level by extending it from product to process, ensuring the highest quality at all times while optimizing costs and resources.

Visit us at Pack Expo Chicago 2022 (stand n. S-2122, South Building)

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