SACMI Sanitaryware for Duravit France

SACMI Sanitaryware for Duravit France

Maximum efficiency, minimum specific consumption, optimized quality and logistics: these are the key features of the SACMI sanitaryware dryer being installed at the Bischwiller plant in the Alsace region, the Duravit Group’s key French facility

Rethinking thermal processes is a must if producers want to boost sanitaryware manufacturing efficiency. Alongside the kilns, dryers play a crucial role as they ensure proper pre-fire maturing of the articles. The quality and efficiency of the drying process can make all the difference in terms of both product quality and the factory’s energy balance.
This is exactly the thinking behind Duravit France’s decision to purchase a new SACMI sanitaryware dryer. It comes as part of a wider technological modernization project for the entire Bischwiller facility, located in the Alsace region (the largest plant in France to belong to this multinational designer sanitaryware manufacturer, based in Hornberg, Germany).
The key feature of this SACMI sanitaryware dryer - a chamber dryer configured to accommodate 8 + 8 article trolleys - is optimized consumption, achieved without affecting dried product quality in any way. Less environmental impact and less consumption are just two of the advantages that stem from optimized drying curve control, essential to piece quality during the subsequent firing stage.
The machine is part of the casting department, which recently saw the new SACMI AVI become operational, thus lending support to the plant’s increased output capacity. Other project features include the "dual inlet door" on both sides of the dryer, which links the casting and glazing departments and improves internal process logistics.

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