Sanindusa to restart its Tocha plant with cutting-edge SACMI Sanitaryware technology

Sanindusa to restart its Tocha plant with cutting-edge SACMI Sanitaryware technology

Complete plant covering everything from casting to robotized glazing, and featuring all the latest SACMI automation, now delivered. Plant expected to be operational by autumn, with output capacity doubling by 2020

Casting, glazing and robotized handling: Sanindusa, a leading Portuguese high quality sanitaryware company, is now ready to resume production in style at the Tocha plant (about 50 km south of Aveiro) which was badly damaged by fire in 2017.

A long-standing partner (almost all the previously installed machines were supplied by SACMI), Sanindusa has renewed its confidence in us by purchasing the latest all-SACMI sanitaryware manufacturing, handling and glazing technology. Bringing the factory back online is a two stage process: the first already-completed stage involves installing the new machines by the end of the summer, the second will see a full plant start-up in September.
At the heart of the line lies a modern casting department. This features eight single-mould AVM machines for casting complex WCs and a series of solutions designed to revamp the two existing casting machines. The plant also has two ADM modules to manufacture tanks. These are complemented by a modernised AVB, used to produce simple WCs. All the machines are equipped with a piece pre-dryer, a SACMI solution that minimises maturing times so automatic handling of unfired products can be performed safely (car loading included).
LGV vehicles, designed and built by SACMI-Nuova Sima, will transfer pieces to the 'white' dryer. SACMI is also supplying two complete robotized glazing lines equipped with Gaiotto GA-OL and GA200 robots.
The entire plant will be managed by the SACMI H.E.R.E. (Human Expertise for Reactive Engineering) supervisor, the SACMI solution for full 4.0 production line control (from monitoring to diagnostics, from preventive maintenance to warehouse management).
With the first phase of the investment completed, Sanindusa is now moving ahead with its plan to double output capacity at the Tocha plant by the end of 2020: again, this will be achieved by making full use of cutting-edge SACMI sanitaryware technology.

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