Automation and process control; Duravit China’s new investments in SACMI technology

Automation and process control; Duravit China’s new investments in SACMI technology

2 new Laser Guided Vehicles commissioned for Duravit China’s Chongqing plant, bringing the total number of solutions supplied to 16. The long-running partnership between SACMI and Duravit is further strengthened with the aim of achieving ‘total sanitaryware automation’.

With the purchase of 2 new LGVs made by SACMI-Nuova Sima, Duravit China continues its investment and growth plan towards the goal of achieving fully automatic control of the sanitaryware production process.

The recent supply is the latest in a series of LGV solutions purchased from SACMI by Duravit China over the last few years, creating a fleet of machines which will, by the end of 2020, have reached a total of 16. As with the previous supplies, these machines are destined for the “model plant” at Chongqing, an ultra-modern production plant set up by Duravit in 2017 with the aim of increasing its market penetration in this strategic area of the world.

In this sense, the upgrading of its flow management automation solutions falls within a wider plan of investment in technology in the various production departments. The LGVs make possible the total automation of all the piece handling and storage operations, automatic loading and unloading of the casting and glazing cells, transfer of the finished and glazed product to the kiln dept. etc.

The supply further reinforces the long-established partnership between SACMI and this multinational lead player in quality and design sanitaryware, with many different projects already completed together and others in progress at Duravit’s main plants throughout the world. Furthermore, the project illustrates SACMI’s ability to meet the demands of the consolidated trend of the international sanitaryware market towards greater automation to improve quality and competitive edge in the sector.

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