Total automation and tracking, the advantages of SACMI AGVs

Total automation and tracking, the advantages of SACMI AGVs

The solution for automatically guided handling of the product, based on LGV technology, which optimizes all the piece ageing and hardening stages as well as storage. Available in the “total” version to eliminate manual operations even after firing.

With the goal of providing increasingly automated, reliable product traceability solutions, SACMI offers car handling automation systems for the transfer of pieces throughout the entire production process.

Proper piece handling is crucial. This is especially so during the stages that follow casting, but precede arrival at the kiln, on account of the mechanical properties of the product before firing.

Automated handling with AGVs (Automatic Guided Vehicles), as opposed to manual car handling, lets manufacturers manage the various stages of the production process in an automatic, controlled manner thus reducing manufacturing waste and space requirements. Controlled management along the entire production line leads to process optimization in terms of controlling product holding time during the intermediate stages, such as ambient-air ageing and hardening and piece storage.

In addition to ensuring a carefully controlled process, AGV handling systems mean less manual effort for workers. This improves working conditions and reduces the risk of any production waste as a result of manual handling errors.

Based on LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle) technology, SACMI’s AGV handling systems also integrate smoothly with other plant automation solutions, all the way from the casting department to the firing department and the end-of-line areas. At the highest level of automation, using AGVs makes it possible to move pieces automatically without performing any manual work at all, even during the post-firing stages of the process, where articles are fed towards automatic sorting lines and transferred to the finished article packaging and storage zones.

Compared to alternative handling systems, such as conveyors, AGV systems require no fixed floor structures. This means undeniable advantages in terms of occupied space and greater versatility managing the plant layout. The entire system is highly flexible, with the possibility to integrate paths and control all the pick-up and deposit stations directly from floor-mounted PCs.

The AGV control system is compatible and can be integrated with factory supervision systems or ERP systems. In this way total piece traceability can be achieved from the intermediate semi-finished piece storage station to finished product storage.

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