SACMI, a new robotized casting cell for Kirovskaya Keramica

SACMI, a new robotized casting cell for Kirovskaya Keramica

The Russian market leader in sanitaryware chooses SACMI’s pressure casting technology for its hallmarks of top quality, efficiency and process repeatability recognized throughout the world.

One of the oldest and most prestigious Russian ceramics factories and market leader in the sanitaryware industry, Kirovskaya Keramica has recently invested in SACMI’s pressure casting technology, a choice which recognizes the advantages offered by Sacmi solutions renowned worldwide for top performance, efficiency, quality and process repeatability for the manufacture of complex and top-of-the-range articles.

For Kirovskaya Keramica the investment plan involves two stages; the first machine to be set up at the Kirov site, in the region of Kaluga, will be an AVB multi-mould module, with three moulds installed for the manufacture of three-part wall-hung WCs. The second stage, on the other hand, will see the installation of a further AVM module for the manufacture of WCs with up to five parts using four moulds. Both machines are supplied by SACMI in the XC (extra-short) configuration; a solution which allows for greater flexibility in the handling of different models whilst maintaining a high line production output. 

The reduction of the number of moulds means shorter cycle times (even 15% shorter) compared to a traditional set-up. A single robot – which governs the stages of demoulding, any piece turnover required and storage car loading – can control the two machines simultaneously, thus increasing productivity and minimizing line downtime (when mould change-over is required one of the two cells can continue to operate). Particularly significant is the choice of the AVB solution, sold by SACMI throughout the globe and installed in various factories in Russia confirming the good reputation and recognisability of this machine on the market.  

​With 2.2 million pieces per year, Kirovskaya Keramica is the top ceramic sanitaryware manufacturer which is entirely Russian-owned. The high quality and level of technology – giving the customer direct control of the fleet of moulds – haven’t stopped Kirovskaya from entrusting to SACMI also a complete modelling development involving a polyurethane prototype of a new rimless WC model which has been subjected to all the functionality tests according to the strict Russian standards.

The casting cell, recently started up with the first mould installed, will be running at full capacity by the end of autumn. This supply is the latest addition to several technological supplies by SACMI already in operation at Kirov, from the automated systems for body preparation to the SACMI-Riedhammer tunnel kiln, up to the complete lines for robotized glazing. 

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