Connected online from 4 continents, the SACMI “We ARE Bright” event dedicated to the world of Sanitaryware

Focusing on sustainability for quality production friendly to environment and workplace.
The special SACMI event dedicated to sanitaryware customers aired on 18th November.

18th November 2021 – nearly 300 international customers from 37 different countries joined “We ARE Bright”, the special SACMI event dedicated to technologies for the environment, health & safety and work in the Sanitaryware world.

Organized to take place exactly a year after “Dark is Bright” – which was dedicated to the “lights out factory” and the technologies required to achieve it – the SACMI Sanitaryware Business Unit is back with a special in-depth look at automation and sustainability.

Transforming scrap and waste from a cost into an opportunity. Saving energy and precious resources – such as water – but also recovering them and putting them back into the work process.  Reducing emissions, building more efficient kilns already set up for the fuels of the future such as hydrogen.

These are just some of the important themes covered during the event, a multi-media presentation designed to accompany the customer inside the factory and see up close the different work stages and technologies proposed.  

Above all, “We ARE Bright” was the occasion to show a new idea for a different kind of factory which puts the worker’s health and safety first. For example; by creating a dust-free environment to comply with new stricter industry regulations, but also through automation to limit heavy-duty and repetitive manual operations.  

This is the modern sanitaryware factory which SACMI, together with its other well-known brands, can offer the customer thanks to more than thirty years’ experience working side-by-side with its customers throughout the world.

 “We ARE Bright” showed customers how, with SACMI solutions, they can achieve a more efficient, better quality and therefore more competitive production.

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