atl spray dryer for lfp

The SACMI spray dryer is a highly versatile, efficient machine, ideal for drying many different materials, including LFP cathode powders. LFP CAM powder is a material with many peculiarities that requires the most advanced regulations of the spray drier in terms of temperatures, pressures, volumes of air, slurry feed ratios and heat generator settings.

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Tangential hot air distributor

Located at the top of the drying tower, this is characterized by a tangential peripheral inlet and a ducting system, which generate a rotation of the air, thus creating a “whirlpool” which facilitates the heat exchange with the material. Compared to other solutions, this system gives increased performance and reduced consumption.

Granulometry as per your choice

With the right combination of the process parameters, it is possible to obtain the most appropriate granulometry of the final powder, from the finest to the coarsest ones. Multiple solutions of slurry injection are available in order to give the maximum flexibility to the whole system, from dual fluid nozzles to many other feeding devices, according to the required productivity and granulometry.


ATM spray dryers are designed in the most accurate way, keeping always in high consideration the environmental impact. Energy saving is a well-established concept of the machine, that is designed to reduce at the minimum the energy requirement of the process by means of in-built solutions or external systems like the hot air recovery from the thermal wastes of the plant.

Give it a try

At SACMI Imola there is a lab spray dryer available for trials, both to test the performances and to carry out developments on the final materials. The machine is able to produce up to 100 kg/h of powder and can be set to grant the production of powder with humidity and particle-size distribution at the value requested in a constant way.

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