Ekosort Dinamica

Ekosort Dinamica replaces the current range of SACMI Ekosort stacking machines with the aim of offering customers further factory digitalization opportunities. Like previous versions, SACMI Ekosort Dinamica integrates seamlessly with the SACMI Sorting Line, the extensive end-of-line range that covers everything from vision and control systems to sorting and packaging lines, from palletization to logistics.



More productivity

Modular, scalable framework with from 6 to 9 carriages, productivity up to 130 pcs/min on sizes up to 33x33 cm and flexibility on large tiles and slabs; from 9 to 17 modular, scalable (sorting) stackers that can handle products as thick as 30 mm and slabs as large as 120x280 cm.
Instantaneous, digitally-controlled size changeovers.

More adaptive

The machine adapts automatically to production flows, ensuring flexible, safe, high-performance control with both small-medium sizes and large slabs.

More reliable

Digital control of the process optimizes inflows, shortening the required times and maximizing the reliability and efficiency of stacking and sorting.


Compact, efficient, even faster and with more flexible, dynamic management of sizes and production codes. This is the new SACMI Ekosort Dinamica, an evolution of the Ekosort tile and slab sorting system. Featuring a modular, scalable framework – with from 6 to 9 picking carriages – the line maximizes speed when managing small-medium sizes (up to 130 pcs/min on tiles up to 33x33 cm); digital synchronization of the carriages (each consisting of 2 silicone-free suction cups) also makes it an effective solution for handling slabs as large as 120x280 cm (on the large format version).



Dynamic, smart, adaptive management of production codes is a clear advantage of this solution, which SACMI provides as part of a wider package that optimizes control of all end-of-line systems, from inspection to stacking, from packaging to palletizing. Thanks to independent, software-guided control of the transfer picking carriages, which move inside the carousel, Ekosort Dinamica responds dynamically to inflow changes, ensuring nothing less than the highest performance whatever the production scenario.
With Ekosort Dinamica, manufacturers can respond to different packaging needs independently of inflows thanks to the in-carousel shuttle which can rotate the stack 90°.



Digital control of the process makes size changeovers fully automatic, maximizing the reliability and efficiency of stacking and sorting. In the changeover phase, the machine software lets the user set the correct recipe in real time, automatically recalling the number of picking carriages needed for that specific format.


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