With over thirty years’ experience in the Dispenser assembly machine business, we provide a full range of modules for the assembly of semi-finished or finished products. Cartridges are usually assembled with continuous kinematic units. The speed can arrive up to 700 pieces per minute. The finished dispensers, complete with dip-tube and safety clips may be assembled on Sacmi Velomat rotary index modules with assembly speed up to 150 parts per minute as also on continuous motion heads with speed that may vary from 60 up to 600 parts per minute, depending on the requested speed need.

Assembling for dispenser

Sacmi Velomat produces a complete range of machines for dispenser and trigger, pump assembly machines and finishing machines with dip tube insertion. We produce assembly machines for small, medium and large airless dispensers. The index or continuous kinematic machines assemble from 60 to 600 parts per minute. For the assembly of micro-pumps with crimping operations, Sacmi Velomat builds continuous kinematic machines that produces up to 600 pieces per minute. The machines allow a micrometric regulation of the height and the depth of crimping. Other crimping features can be developed according to customer specifications.

Assembling for dispenser
Continuous Motion Platform

Continuous Motion Platform

600 pz/min, 2 continuous heads with 36 pushers each, correct mechanical assembly camera inspection.

Linear Index Platform

Index Platform

This machine has 24 stations and produces from 50 to 75 pz/min.

EFR (Electric Flexible Rotary) machine

Electronic Flexible Platform

Our Electronic Flexible Platform is divided into two families EFR Electronic Flexible Rotary and EFL Electronic Flexible Linear with a production speed up to 220 pz/min. All changes of positions or paths are carried out on HMI.

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