Ready for the future: SACMI at Upakovka 2022

Ready for the future: SACMI at Upakovka 2022

The best technology for sustainable profitability, side by side with cutting-edge 4.0 machine and plant controls. SACMI has its sights set on the future of the packaging-beverage industry, in synergy with the global industry’s leading brands.

From Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 January 2022 the global packaging, beverage & food processing industry will be meeting up in Moscow at the annual Upakovka fair. Playing a leading role will be SACMI which, with over 1,000 cap types used by the world’s key players, is the industry’s n° 1 supplier. It provides solutions that reduce weight without affecting performance, safeguard the environment and ensure savings. SACMI also supplies ready-to-use solutions designed to help manufacturers transition to new technological standards (e.g. tethered caps).

Profitable sustainability
Sustainability, innovation and flexibility form the bedrock of the SACMI range and in recent months the latter has seen the addition of new solutions that pre-empt market trends and help customers comply with new standards for the plastics industry.
More specifically, with its complete tethered cap manufacturing solutions, SACMI is ready, ahead of time, to comply with the EU directive forbidding use of single-use plastics.
Tethered solutions, your next goal ➤ TETHERED SOLUTIONS. | SACMI

Advanced controls
The latest developments allow manufacturers to integrate advanced 4.0 controls into the consolidated range of CCM presses. These simplify the operator's work enormously, prevent unwanted production stoppages, save time and boost the performance of the entire process thanks to new features with immediate feedback functions.
Continuous compression molding machines by SACMI ➤ Compression molding technology systems by SACMI. Wide range of continuous compression moulding. | SACMI

Leader in technology and materials
An unrivalled understanding of technology and materials allows SACMI to develop technological solutions in advance, ensuring they match production and market developments. It does so, for example, by combining its range of cap presses with a comprehensive preform production platform equipped to operate with recycled PET: again, that platform is configured according to the most recent smart production methods (the latest addition to the range, the IPS 300, integrates vision systems).
Thanks to close synergy with SACMI Beverage, these solutions form part of a complete solution that ranges from dual-cavity blow molding machines to integrated monoblocs (Blo2Fill) that combine - on a single high-performance customized platform - stretch-blow molder, filling machine and capping machine. Solutions for integrated labeling, developed both for high speeds (Flexi OPERA series) and products that require frequent format changes (Flexi KUBE series), complete the range.
Preform machines (IPS) ➤ Blow molding machines and PET preform production systems by SACMI. | SACMI
Food&Beverage solutions ➤ Systems for the production of customised packaging for beverage.SACMI | SACMI

Assistance everywhere, anytime
The global pandemic, which has made it more difficult or even impossible to send technicians to sites in other countries, has highlighted the importance of SACMI's investment in cutting-edge systems that provide customers with constant remote assistance right from the initial machine or plant testing/assembly phase.
This is achieved via virtual reality platforms that allow FATs and SATs to be completed remotely. These are valuable additions to the worldwide sales and spare parts assistance services that ensure customers always get the very most from SACMI technology.
SACMI, world-beating technology and innovation since 1919

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