SACMI Computer Vision Software: from defect detection to ‘zero-defects production’

SACMI Computer Vision Software: from defect detection to ‘zero-defects production’

Sensors and AI for a zero-defects line: SACMI’s approach to intelligent vision systems to take center-stage at the GulfCan Conference (24 to 26 May 2022).

Artificial intelligence? Everyone’s talking about it, few are actually using it. SACMI, however, will be showcasing its intelligent vision systems at the GulfCan conference, the sixth international appointment on the agenda in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 24 to 26 May 2022.

What’s ‘vision’ for?
Vision systems are now a must on metal packaging production lines, where they’ve completely replaced more traditional manual checks. Over time, they’ve been honed to provide exceptional performance in terms of speed and inspection effectiveness.
For some years now, such systems have incorporated Artificial Intelligence. AI takes inspection beyond defect detection on individual products to provide systems that dialogue with both machine and process, optimizing performance and extending control upstream to prevent any deviation from optimal production.

With over a century of success behind it, SACMI has been a key player in the vision field for over four decades. Vast experience in cap and preform manufacturing processes has allowed us to develop specific solutions for each process-product and ensure ever-greater simplicity and versatility of use.
This unique know-how merges with SACMI's ability to develop technologies that always focus on quality control which, these days, means computer vision solutions.
As will be illustrated at the meeting, customers are turning to SACMI to develop targeted solutions, which can be incorporated on their machines and tailored to their specific process needs.

Zero-defects production
Everyone checks for defects. Indeed, they do so extremely well, and are getting better and better. What makes the SACMI approach different is an ability to put the focus on the customer and identify the variables that, upstream from the process, ‘create’ potential defects. This allows preventative action to be taken via a constant, almost ‘hidden’ dialogue between machine and vision system, between sensors and production process.
A further advantage of this approach is that it modernizes the role played by workers, who receive step-by-step guidance to identify the relevant data. This is achieved thanks to systems that generate statistical reports which are used to optimize production, or - as a second step - dialogue directly with the machines to boost manufacturing quality and repeatability.

Customers first and foremost
What gives SACMI the edge over other technology and vision system providers is its ability to help customers develop solutions of unmatched suitability, simplicity and profitability.
This is why SACMI sees the Dubai conference as a strategic opportunity to assess all the latest market developments, starting with the evolution of sensors and 4.0 controls that is revolutionizing the entire rigid packaging technologies industry - a revolution in which vision systems are playing a leading role.

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