Bags and boxes made of recycled material

Flexibility, accuracy and filling hygiene


  • Maximum performance with the widest range of products/cartons/spouts.
  • Suitable for use with all types of commercially available spout.
  • Suitable for different carton types (standard RSC, overlapped flap cartons, etc.)

Sustainability along entire production chain and for entire product life

Use of BIB in the Packaging-Beverage sector maximizes the quantity of product / content by minimizing the necessary packaging. The result is lower logistics and transport costs, and fewer raw materials to use and dispose of.
In other words, compared to alternative solutions BIB technology is intrinsically environment-friendly.
SACMI has been developing complete Bag-In-Box systems for several years. Its tried and tested solutions are popular worldwide. Customers also appreciate the measures taken to make such systems advantageous in terms of sustainability and efficiency, along the entire production, supply and distribution chain.

An efficient and effective process



Fully integrated process: bags are fed automatically to the machine, with manual or automatic bag separation.



After bag loading, the bag neck is closed and the bag itself uncapped. Filling valves are then positioned for insertion and the filling process is completed.



After filling, the neck is closed by low pressure and cleaned with nitrogen. Then the cap is positioned automatically and closed onto the bag.



At the end of the process, the filled and closed bag is inserted in the carton with the cap facing upwards/downwards. The insertion process can be set manually or automatically.


Total integration, maximum flexibility, preserved quality

The SACMI BIB approach allows total integration of bag feeding / forming / filling lines and bag insertion into cartons; producers can use any type of bag on the market and different secondary packaging systems.
Products packaged with SACMI BIB machines have an extended shelf life thanks to hygienic filling and systems that, during the filling phase, limit contact between product and air.



High configurability to meet the needs of your specific product/process

Outstanding solution configurability and numerous optionals allow SACMI BIB to be adapted to the needs of the specific process in use and the specific characteristics of the product to be packaged.
High filling accuracy makes SACMI BIB ideal for filling premium products.
All solutions are designed to streamline and reduce maintenance, increasing flexibility during operation and changeovers.


Pouches integrated on SACMI BIB

SACMI’s latest BIB solutions allow for the installation of a special kit that performs fully automatic filling and closing of pouches (flexible packaging solutions that offer outstanding sustainability, safety and efficiency).
Wine, edible oils, water, syrups - yet also detergents - can all be handled quickly and affordably on this new platform.
The dispenser in the lower part of the pouch can be configured according to customer requirements, allowing producers to choose from among the most popular caps on the market.
This means manufacturers can combine extensive customization opportunities with the intrinsic advantages of this packaging type, that is, outstanding sustainability, flexibility and production efficiency: plus, of course, all the benefits of SACMI Beverage filling solutions, designed to maximize the accuracy and hygiene of the filling process.

Pouches integrated on SACMI BIB

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