AVE Mineral Water Ltd, in cooperation with SACMI, is thinking big

AVE Mineral Water Ltd, in cooperation with SACMI, is thinking big

From local producer to large-scale retailer key partner, with development plans abroad. This is how the company from Debrecan (Hungary) chose the complete SACMI Beverage line. Zsolt Meszesi, General Manager AVE Mineral Water Ltd: “This is a great success for our new products. Today we have both the quality and numbers to grow further both in Hungary and throughout Eastern Europe”.
With SACMI, from a local bottled water producer to a major player in the Hungarian market. This is how AVE Mineral Water Ltd – based in Debrecen, Hungary’s second largest city, renowned for its thermal waters – presents the results of the latest investment plan that led to the inauguration of the new plant. The analysis by Zsolt Meszesi, General Manager AVE Mineral Water Ltd.

Mr Meszesi, what are the objectives of this investment?

“Our goal to build a new line featuring SACMI technology started in 2019. We were initially interested in purchasing a single labelling machine. After an initial phase of study and discussion with both SACMI owners and team, we decided to take the plunge. So, we opted for the purchase of a complete line, which has been successfully in production for two years.” 

Mr Meszesi, what are the objectives of this investment?
Are you satisfied with the results achieved?
“We are very satisfied. Before building this new plant, we were an established local producer. Today, both in terms of production volumes and the type of products we are able to produce, we can think much bigger. Besides the entire domestic market, we also want to export to neighbouring countries such as Romania and others.

What are the main products in the range?
“The one built with SACMI is a complete, highly automated line designed to handle both still and sparkling water. Following the installation of the new plant, we also launched several flavoured water lines, which have been extremely successful among our customers. Furthermore, they helped increase the reputation as well as visibility of our brand. 
SACMI also provided us with comprehensive consultancy to create the new packaging. These light-weight, elegantly shaped containers can also support the required free carbon dioxide content of around 5 g/l in carbonated products. In general, it is a very high quality packaging that guarantees an extended shelf-life. This has enabled us to enter the market as a full partner for large-scale retailers.”

Let’s go into the details of the installation. What are the productivity and main machines?
“The line produces up to 20 thousand bottles per hour in different formats, 500 ml, 1.5 litre, 16 thousand bottles in the 2 litre format. We chose SACMI’s latest-generation COMBO. This brings together the 10-cavity blow moulding machines and the electronic filling machine equipped with 70 filling valves, up to the 10-head capping machine, all in one compact and efficient solution. Downstream the bottling line is integrated with the OPERA RF 215 T labelling machine. This is a very high productivity system that enables us to handle a wide range of products and formats. This type of technology features many advantages, including high performance and ease of use. It has been extremely easy for our operators to become familiar with the new machines and to get up to speed with production quickly.”

We mentioned new investments. What are the commercial objectives?
“The flavoured water segment is still growing strongly. We are well positioned in large-scale retail with important volumes. That is why we are already evaluating, with SACMI, future expansions to grow in all segments currently in the portfolio, still and sparkling water as well as further development of flavoured products.”

Two years after the start-up of the plant, how do you rate SACMI support services?
“We receive regular visits from a SACMI technician every six months to check that everything is in order and to schedule maintenance together. Also in this regard, we are quite satisfied and look forward to evaluating the new investments with our partner.”

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