CASA CUERVO chooses SACMI Labelling

Versatility and performance for a tradition of excellence

"We have identified FLEXI OPERA as the best solution to achieve our objectives»

versatility and performance for a tradition of excellence

The oldest and most renowned tequila producer in the world installs a new FLEXI OPERA labeller in its factories in Mexico. Pedro Castro Ocegueda, plant manager: “We have chosen the best technology on the market for versatility and performance, to enhance the uniqueness of our product”.


CASA CUERVO, the oldest and most renowned tequila producer and distributor in the world, chooses SACMI FLEXI OPERA for its production plant in Guadalajara, Mexico.

We discuss this with Pedro Castro Ocegueda, manager of the Edisa plant, where the latest generation SACMI labeller has been successfully installed and started up in recent weeks.

What is the story of CASA CUERVO and how is it perceived in Mexico and around the world?
«CASA CUERVO was born as a family business, the result of 10 generations producing high-quality tequila. In recent years, the Group has expanded its activities to the production and marketing of rum, whisky, gin and other beverages, always focusing on its product and brand excellence, which makes our bottles famous all over the world».

What are the prerequisites for investing in SACMI Labelling?
«As a company, we focus a lot on international markets, without neglecting the traditional character and identity of our brands. A policy that, from the product, extends to the packaging, to our unmistakable bottles, then to the label. SACMI is a worldwide reference company in the production of labelling solutions for the beverage sector. We are used to choosing the best, that's why we bet on this technology, and the results a few weeks after going into production are really satisfactory».

Why choose FLEXI OPERA?
«Because, within SACMI's portfolio of labelling machines, it is one of the solutions capable of combining the best performance with the versatility required by the market today. With FLEXI OPERA, we can meet every packaging need, always maintaining the best efficiency of our lines. The label represents the first, if not the most important, way of communicating with our customers all over the world and from this point of view, after a careful evaluation of the alternatives, we have identified FLEXI OPERA as the best solution to achieve our objectives».

How is the new machine inside the production line equipped?
«The purchased machine is equipped with 7 self-adhesive labelling units and is designed to handle labels 20 to 100 mm wide and 20 to 110 mm high. With a single platform, we can handle containers 60 to 110 mm in diameter and 150 to 350 mm in height. As you can easily guess from these specifications, this is an extremely flexible, and at the same time, performing solution, with production speeds of up to 18,000 applications per hour. It is also an ergonomic and robust machine that simplifies the work of our operators, makes change over easier and reduces routine maintenance time».

What are the optional systems providing guaranteed quality?
«First of all, the installed labeller is equipped with SACMI LVS, the camera vision system designed by SACMI specifically for in-line label quality control. It is a particularly advanced vision system able not only to control the perfect application of the label on the bottle, its structural and chromatic qualities, but also to give back to the operator valuable information such as barcode reading, the presence of the security band, etc. The supplied machine is also designed to be remotely serviced, in practice we are able to manage maintenance in a preventive manner, avoiding the risk of production downtime».
How was the on-site installation handled?
"We have entrusted SACMI with the entire shipping and installation phase. Thanks to the effective collaboration between our technical teams, and in particular the support of SACMI de Mexico and Ricardo Cruz, the new machine was installed and put into operation on schedule. With this investment, we believe we have also offered the market a sign of continuity and perspective, which is very important in these times. Our production has never stopped in recent months and, despite the difficulties of world trade and society, we are determined to invest in our future, valuing our traditions and using the best available technology for this purpose. This is the message of trust and closeness that we must give to our customers around the world».

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