High performance, flexible formats, hygiene and safety, low running and maintenance costs

The SmartBlo range provides a perfect response to all your stretch-blow molding needs.

main features

  • Double cavity, double speed
    For output rates of up to 81,000 bottles/hour
    Compact overall machine size
  • Easy maintenance
    Low running and maintenance costs
    Easy access to machine
  • Easy changeover
    Fast, agile format changeovers
    Direct set-up via HMI
  • Efficiency and sustainability
    100% r-PET and lightweight preform compatible
    Energy & air consumption monitoring via HMI
  • Hygienic and safe
    Zero lubricants in the oven
    Blowing valves easily cleaned and maintained, no contaminants in product
    Sealed environment with filtered air
  • Brushless motors
    Optimized power management
    Higher quality, more precise handling



Standard / Double cavity

For formats up to 3 liters


Large single cavity

For the gallon size 


Extra Large - XL

For formats from 3 to 12 liters


The highest process quality, the lowest running and maintenance costs. All
operations are lubricant-free. The result: zero risk of preform contamination during the stretch-blow process. Reduced, predictive maintenance: structural chain parts never need replacing, wear on chain components is continuously monitored by advanced sensors.




Featuring high mechanical efficiency, maximum product safety and outstanding quality and hygiene, the blower can also perform dualcavity molding, thus doubling productivity and optimizing machine use according to the customer’s real needs.
Maximum versatility: fast format changeovers make this an optimized-productivity formatspecific solution.
Reduced maintenance requirements are combined with enhanced sustainability (lightweighting, r-PET compatibility).


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