Caviro goes for SACMI BIB - «Precise, fast, wine-friendly»

Caviro goes for SACMI BIB - «Precise, fast, wine-friendly»

SACMI Bag-In-Box as Caviro sees it: in just three years they’ve quadrupled output capacity on the new lines at their Forlì plant.


Intrinsically sustainable thanks to less packaging, simpler logistics and lower transport costs, Bag-In-Box is the perfect ally when it comes to long-lasting product quality. 
How? With the outstanding SACMI technology that Caviro, Italy’s leading wine player, has selected for its headquarters in Forlì.
Over the last three years, production expansion plans have seen a quadrupling of SACMI-supplied BIB lines and technology at Caviro. That technology has proved to be highly effective in filling operations and ideal for premium products like wine.

“We installed the first SACMI monobloc on our BIB lines back in 2008”, explains Domenico Dosio, Technical Investment Manager at Caviro Sca. In 2019, the first complete 2-head line came online. “Results immediately matched our expectations. Consequently, just a few months later, we purchased two further fillers, effectively quadrupling volumes in this segment”.
Caviro particularly appreciates the advantages that stem from a combination of flexible size management and exceptional performance in terms of protecting the product from oxidation. This investment has seen the company expand its operations in the BIB segment: at present output is 1,500 bags per hour, with the potential to raise it to 2,500.
“For us, it’s a far-sighted investment”, adds Domenico Dosio. “This segment has enjoyed strong growth in recent years and we expect further expansion due to the intrinsic sustainability of this packaging and, above all, the optimum quality this technology delivers: characteristics that align perfectly with our growth plans in this segment, both in Italy and abroad”.



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