Renowned for excellence, Italian company Scarabeo invests in SACMI RobotGlaze

Renowned for excellence, Italian company Scarabeo invests in SACMI RobotGlaze

The first supply of its kind for the Civita Castellana based company, industry award winner many times over thanks to the style, functionality and design of its sanitaryware. Quality and sustainability are the primary objectives behind this investment with which SACMI gains an important new customer in the famous Italian sanitaryware district.

Specialized in the manufacture of innovative sanitaryware and original bathroom design, Scarabeo has chosen to invest in SACMI RobotGlaze solutions; the top choice for robotized glazing all around the world.

Style and functionality have always been the distinguishing features of the Civita Castellana based company, established in 1974, and are behind its choice to invest for the first time in SACMI-Gaiotto robotized glazing.
The main machine of the supply is the GA2000 robot which serves a 4-position carousel. Provided with mass control system to control the flow-rate of the glaze applied, the robot is equipped with a GDA 80 double spray-gun; SACMI’s unique needle-free solution, already a leading product on the market due to its high performance and zero maintenance requirements.

Especially attentive to sustainability, Scarabeo has selected latest generation equipment for the spraying booth including, in particular, dry filters in order to recover glaze over-spray and re-use it in the production cycle, thus minimizing costs and eliminating the negative impact on the environment connected to waste process water disposal.

The best quality of glazed product, together with a considerable reduction in waste and harm to the environment, are the primary objectives of this latest investment for Scarabeo – winner of many industry awards for the superior design and functional features of its range of products. For SACMI, an important new customer and an installation at another factory in the heart of the Italian district renowned for ceramic sanitaryware and bathroom design.

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