Magenta (Egypt) finalizes a complete new plant with SACMI

Magenta (Egypt) finalizes a complete new plant with SACMI

First stage finalized for the production of 200.000 pieces per year with a future output, once the expansion phase has been completed, of 1 million pieces per year. The focus of the project were the complete solutions for body and glaze preparation, mould production and the casting department. An ambitious plan as regards the level of automation and sustainability with the introduction at the factory of SACMI RobotGlaze and the high-efficiency Riedhammer kiln. SACMI also supplied the complete modelling developments.

Based in the region of Suez, Magenta thinks to the future investing in a new plant which, once in full production, will reach a factory output of 1 million pieces per year of high-quality ceramic sanitaryware. SACMI supplied the complete solutions for body and glaze preparation, the dryer and automated systems, machines for casting and moulds. The new shuttle kiln was supplied by SACMI group company Riedhammer.

Planned and carried out according to a fast schedule, the first step of the project has just been inaugurated for a production output, during this first stage, of 800 pieces per day, equal to 200.000 pieces per year with a varied article production mix.
In particular, the customer installed and started up a new BCV090 casting bench for WC bowls, complete with curtain dryer for double casting, a demoulding system and lifting device as well as deposit conveyor belts. Equipped with 45+45 moulds, the solution sits alongside a second machine, the BCC130, for 2-part pieces such as wash-basins, pedestals, lids and oriental toilets, for a total of 65+65 moulds installed. The casting department is completed by the BCC080 for the production of water tanks, similarly equipped with mould dryer and accessories.

The entire plant layout is set up taking into consideration the future expansion phase. A wide and complete range of production is expected to include both items made of Vitreous China and Fine Fire Clay. The decision of the customer to use both traditional casting systems as well as a good level of automation can be seen in the mould production, body and glaze preparation departments with the supply of the plaster mixing system and related 80-pallet dryer, followed by the dryer for the cast pieces manufactured in SACMI and equipped with 32 cars for 2 drying cycles per day.   

In a similar way, the manual glazing booths are operated alongside a SACMI-Gaiotto robotized cell which will be able to handle the majority of the operations, leaving just coloured or special pieces for manual glazing.  The cell is equipped with all the latest-generation solutions such as the Mass Control® system for the optimization of the glaze flow-rate and the SACMI GDA80 “zero maintenance” spray-gun. Completing the supply is the Riedhammer HWS 15/500/140-G kiln - including high-efficiency Pulse Firing burners - equipped with 10 cars and automatic transfer system.  
Designed for the international market and for high quality and design production, Magenta’s project also saw SACMI as supplier of the complete modelling developments. Of particular interest within this project was the development of 4 models of “rimless” wall-hung WC bowls and a further 5 floor-mounted models to cover the wide and varied market demand.

Upon the customer’s request, and in line with their company strategic planning, the complete design and development of the new models was carried out at SACMI Whiteware’s Laboratory, with the specific aim of meeting the rising demand for certified quality products in compliance with European UNI EN997 standards. This carefully chosen strategy places Magenta Ceramics at the top level of the market among the ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers in Egypt and the entire North African region. 

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