Duravit China continues to grow with SACMI LaserMove

Duravit China continues to grow with SACMI LaserMove

A new LGV for the Chongqing plant, bringing the total number of such vehicles to 17. Another productivity-boosting investment in automation and process control as part of a comprehensive technological partnership with SACMI

LaserMove is the game-changing SACMI technology for fully automatic control of sanitaryware production flows, streamlining everything from handling to tracking. This latest, recently finalized order takes the number of LGVs (laser-guided vehicles) supplied by SACMI-Nuova Sima to the ultra-modern Duravit China facility in Chongqing to 17.

Inaugurated in 2017, the Chongqing plant makes extensive use of cutting-edge automation and process control: a deliberate strategy on the part of this multinational manufacturer of high-quality designer sanitaryware that aims to boost its growth prospects in the area. Hence Duravit China's determination to ensure that all investment plans feature SACMI automation at every stage of the process, a policy that has, over the years, resulted in a growing, higher-quality machine pool.

This latest order takes productivity even higher and enhances the strategic importance of this Chinese production facility. SACMI laser-guided vehicles, in fact, allow the implementation of automation logic in factory flow management. On the one hand, this eliminates manual handling - with clear benefits on the safety side - and, on the other, safeguards product quality through the automation of handling and storage, from casting to glazing, from transport to set-down on the kiln cars.

Alongside these advantages, SACMI LaserMove also lets manufacturers implement a logic of total traceability, allowing constant monitoring of performance indicators and optimized order-logistics management.
This order further strengthens the long-standing partnership between SACMI and this multinational manufacturer of quality designer sanitaryware. Several projects have been completed at Group facilities around the world and others are in progress. It also confirms SACMI's ability to meet growing industry demand for the all-round automation that augments quality and competitiveness.

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