Customized and ‘multi-mould’: Ceramica Flaminia installs a new SACMI AVB

Customized and ‘multi-mould’: Ceramica Flaminia installs a new SACMI AVB

The second such solution to be delivered in 2022, this latest addition will be used to manufacture contemporary rimless wall-mounted WCs. Equally innovative are the loading method and the devices that handle ‘special’ pieces. Result: an optimal balance of automation, quality and productivity

SACMI AVB is a state-of-the-art multi-mould casting solution that maximizes productivity, quality and automation, all on a single platform. Founded in 1955 and since then an undisputed leader of Made in Italy sanitaryware, Ceramica Flaminia has selected this solution to take it a step closer to the 4.0 automation of every stage of production.

This latest solution - currently going through start-up – was the second to be delivered in 2022: an investment decision that rewards SACMI quality and our ability to respond to even the most complex production requirements, as exemplified by an all-new system for managing items with unusual geometries. Note also the innovative pronged-fork system that loads the articles exiting the casting cell onto the cars, reducing the number and complexity of tasks.

Designed for the manufacture of rimless wall-mounted WCs, each AVB can feature up to 4 moulds. All operations – demoulding, transfer to the pre-dryer, on-car loading – are performed by the robot.
For Flaminia, this project lays the foundations for total automation of handling downstream from the production process, boosting casting efficiency and repeatability/quality. In addition to reducing waste, less manual handling makes for a healthier workplace, driving the social and environmental sustainability that is central to the customer's strategy.

Thanks to the installation of these two new AVBs, Ceramica Flaminia will be able to handle an extremely broad range of products at high levels of efficiency and repeatability. This will generate an overall increase in productivity of approximately 400 pieces per day.

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