Project Continua+: Satyaraya continues to invest

Project Continua+: Satyaraya continues to invest

A third PCR (2000 Smart) for slabs as large as 1600x3200 mm, alongside a dryer and a new kiln. The goal: to further expand output capacity for its top-of-the-range slabs, which are already proving to be highly popular

With its Quadra Surfaces brand, Satyaraya (Lyman Group) leads the way in high-end slab manufacturing in South-East Asia This latest investment - which completes the Continua+ project, successfully launched 4 years ago with the installation of the first SACMI PCR - aims to further strengthen the company’s positioning, volumes and product portfolio.

This comprehensive, fully Made in Italy order includes a new PCR 2000 Smart, a 5-tier SACMI horizontal dryer (EUP) and a new FMA kiln from the Maestro series. The entire set is now on its way to the Satyaraya headquarters, located in the province of Banten, at the western end of the island of Java. These new machines will boost output capacity in their body preparation department, which already uses latest-generation SACMI batching, grinding and spray-drying solutions.

With a 1600 mm compaction front, the new PCR can produce slabs in a range of sizes (up to 1600x3200 mm) and thicknesses (3, 6, 9 and 12 mm). This solution responds effectively to new market trends. It also reinforces the “slabs for design and architecture” message that reflects the company’s standing as a trailblazer in terms of the quality and breadth of the product portfolio, marketed in over 60 countries.

SACMI, of course, likes to be comprehensive: hence the inclusion of loading/unloading units and laser-guided vehicles to move items between the fired and unfired product departments. In short, this is an ultra-modern plant built with next-gen technologies. What’s more, it features up-to-the-minute environmental sustainability and energy saving systems, such as the SACMI solution that retrieves heat from the kiln for reuse in the dryer and spray-dryer (RVE and RVA). The goal is to become fully operational by the end of 2023.

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