Cemacon (Romania) inaugurates the brick slip plant built with SACMI

Cemacon (Romania) inaugurates the brick slip plant built with SACMI

The first of its kind in Romania, this plant produces extruded wall lining strips, allowing the customer to complete its portfolio of these environment-friendly products. CEO Daniel Şologon: “We’ve chosen the world’s most advanced technology to provide the market with products of unmatched authenticity, durability and flair”

Recea, Salaj county, Romania: Cemacon recently inaugurated a brand-new plant - bristling with SACMI technology - for the production of wall-lining brick slips.
This utterly unique technology will be used to create appealing, durable, environment-friendly products. To achieve that goal, this Romanian company has poured over 14 million euros into the new plant. The aim is to have new collections ready to go by the autumn, placing Cemacon firmly in the top tier of European brick slip manufacturers.

The product and its ‘green building’ advantages

Brick slips reduce the carbon footprint of production processes by up to 90% and deliver practical products with outstanding style, making them extremely popular with architects and designers.
Yet that's not all. Compared to classic facing bricks, brick slips can be mounted on insulating panels, allowing for the creation of prefabricated modules and simplifying installation. This makes them ideal for the green building sector, which is expanding fast all across Europe.

The complete SACMI plant

So how best to go about setting up a plant? For this project, Cemacon contacted SACMI, which supplied the entire facility. The one-of-a-kind technology combines the SACMI flat extrusion process with digital decoration: digital batching control lets the manufacturer perform through-body coloring and obtain a broad range of aesthetic effects by applying sands and grits at the decoration stage. The result is a consistent, perfectly repeatable product of exceptional quality and style.
SACMI has equipped the entire plant meticulously, from controlled batching of raw materials, colors and additives to advanced cutting, rapid drying, digital decoration and firing. The plant even includes finished product packaging solutions.

Towards the ‘green energy farm’

“Today we inaugurate a new factory, the only one of its kind in Romania. We’ve selected the world’s most advanced technology so we can deliver products that offer authenticity, durability and unmatched aesthetics,” points out Cemacon CEO Daniel Şologon enthusiastically.
A sharp focus on environmental sustainability - and the best technology to put it into practice - is driving strong growth at Cemacon: in 2022 sales increased by 26% and that figure is expected to rise further thanks to the new product range.
“The new factory”, continues the company CEO, “benefits from environment-friendly technology that lowers the carbon footprint by more than 90% compared to conventional technology. This paves the way for continued production expansion and allows us to capitalize on new opportunities in the construction industry: following completion of the product portfolio this autumn, we’ll be organizing a series of events to present the new factory to customers, architects and designers”.
In parallel, the company is pushing ahead with the Cemacon Energy Farm project, which will see the construction of a new 1 MW photovoltaic system.

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