Ng Kütahya enters the large slab segment with SACMI

Ng Kütahya enters the large slab segment with SACMI

The new line, completed in record time, was inaugurated on 28th February, the ceremony being attended by Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Erdoğan, and key figures from Turkish institutions. New PCR 2180 Continua+ and all the key machines supplied, covering everything from decoration to firing, from finishing to sorting.

NG Kütahya, located in Kütahya, a city in the same-named province of Turkey, is a long-standing SACMI customer and has been a leading player in the industry for decades. It’s now taken a further leap forward with the installation and start-up of a new production line.

Dedicated to the manufacture of technical and glazed porcelain stoneware slabs, this plant is a crucial part of a wider plan that aims to take the grou Kütahya p to the apex of the Turkish ceramic industry by raising overall capacity to more than 54 million square meters a year. The goal is to drive forward development and export top-of-the-range products to European and American markets.

This new line was inaugurated on 28th February. The ceremony was attended by Turkish Prime Minister, Mr. Erdoğan, who highlighted how this investment, bristling with Italian technology, will further boost both high-end ‘Made in Turkiye’ exports and employment at the NG Kütahya Group.

With an annual output capacity of 4.5 million m2 of slabs and tiles, the factory was installed and commissioned in less than three months - and fully operational since the end of February - features SACMI’s best technology. In fact, SACMI supplied systems for all departments, from forming to finished product sorting. Key machines in the layout include the Continua+, model PCR 2180, perfect for achieving ultra-high productivity of large tiles and maxi slabs.

However, the order didn’t end with the Continua+: it also included a 7-tier E7P 285 dryer equipped with latest-generation systems for maintaining optimal slab temperature, and a glazing line featuring high-end ‘Made in SACMI’ digital decoration technologies (a DHD and a DDG) to coordinate graphic effects with unparalleled texture and definition.

Alongside handling and storage solutions, SACMI also supplied the new 200-meter FMA 295 ‘Maestro’ kiln, which allows customized control of all the key firing parameters (air/gas, etc.) and optimizes consumption.

Completing the order is an ultra-modern BMR line, characterized by a squaring machine, polisher and a SUPERSHINE unit to ensure outstanding finished product aesthetics. Last but not least, Ng Kütahya went for an ultra-modern hybrid EKO SORT Dinamica - EKO WRAP line.

This plant, thanks to the latest H.E.R.E. software integrations, focuses on high levels of automation at every stage of the process, allowing for a significant reduction in manpower and optimized production flows.

It represents a major result for SACMI on the strategic Turkish market, the continuous growth and development of which is an ongoing source of satisfaction.

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