SACMI-SAMA Open Week: a major international success

SACMI-SAMA Open Week: a major international success

Over 100 customers from 20 countries enjoyed a valuable opportunity to get together, learn about innovative technology and processes, see the latest high-tech applications first-hand and strengthen partnerships on projects completed/in progress worldwide

A major success for SAMA Open Week: organized in parallel with the Ceramitec fair in Munich, this event attracted over 100 customers from more than 20 countries.
Held at the SAMA plant in Weissenstadt, the meeting gave visitors a great opportunity to learn about the industry’s latest innovations and see the machines - currently operational with customers in Europe, Asia and South America - in action.

The Open Week also focused on innovative handle application systems that can operate in either manual or automatic mode, highlighting SAMA’s cutting-edge technology and its outstanding versatility.
The event - a must for more effective dialogue and streamlined collaboration with customers - highlighted SACMI's technical expertise throughout the production process, with live demonstrations of the key technologies that companies in the SACMI Tableware network (SAMA, Riedhammer, Gaiotto, SACMI Imola) develop and market all around the globe.
Networking activities aimed at nurturing long-term partnerships and relations with customers were a key part of the event, underscoring how SACMI Group specialization and leadership are valuable ingredients in the We ARE Tableware formula. That same expertise and trust are part of our everyday work, enhancing efficiency and synergy between international teams.

SAMA Open Day, then, offers not just an opportunity to get up to speed on technological trends and developments in tableware: it’s also a crucial networking moment, essential to the establishment and reinforcement of lasting, productive relations.
Following this edition - and thanks to the excellent attendance and feedback - SAMA Open Day is already focused on the future: the aim is to repeat this one-of-a-kind formula in the coming years, delivering another valuable opportunity to discuss and exchange info in the quest for new growth opportunities.

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