Tubądzin, together with SACMI to boost growth on high-end markets

Tubądzin, together with SACMI to boost growth on high-end markets

The last two years have seen this Polish company implement an ambitious investment plan that included a new Continua+ together with a second kiln and the extension of the body preparation department. The goal: to deliver outstanding product quality and aesthetics and make ceramic-making processes sustainable

Building on thirty years as a key provider of high-quality, state-of-the-art, sustainable ceramics, Tubądzin (Poland) has completed a major production capacity and product range expansion plan with SACMI. The entire project focuses on improving energy performance, the aim being to make this Polish company’s products - exported to over 60 countries - more stylish and environment-friendly than ever.

The Continua+ ‘flagship’

Tubadzin Group’s latest investment, finalized in 2022, involved further body preparation renewal and the installation of SACMI Continua+, the leading slab and sub-size manufacturing technology. Higher product quality and unbeatably versatile control of thickness and size have further revolutionized Tubądzin’s operations, allowing them to take ceramic manufacturing to the next level and respond even more proactively to market trends.
“We chose SACMI for a variety of reasons”, underlines Mr. Mirosław Jędrzejczyk, General Manager of Tubądzin, “the most important being our partner's ability to act in keeping with our goals and the needs of our customers. We focus on functionality, innovation and customer satisfaction, areas in which SACMI offers the best and widest range of technologies on the market. As stated, improving efficiency to make the factory sustainable is no less important: access to innovative solutions lets us hone our processes and stand out from the competition while safeguarding the planet”.

New decorated slab firing line

Installation of a second SACMI firing line with a Maestro FMD295/147 kiln for high-quality, richly decorated products was completed by Tubądzin back in 2022. This specially configured SACMI kiln ensures the highest quality at all times thanks to optimized firing curves and precise control of the delicate cooling phases.
«This investment”, said Mr. Mirosław Jędrzejczyk, General Manager of Tubądzin, “has allowed us to strengthen our position in the highest segment, that of decorated ceramic products that transform ordinary spaces into works of art. Our expanded portfolio now ensures customers can access a vast range of high-end tiles."

The guiding principle? Greater energy efficiency

Tubądzin sees sustainability as both a competitiveness factor and a social responsibility, to be pursued through intensive technological innovation. Hence, in 2021, their investment in body preparation via the installation of an extension of the existing modular mill to MMC138 AND a new SACMI ATM65 spray dryer that, thanks to the tangential air inlet - which optimizes heat distribution - and new insulating materials, allows the lowest consumption. 

“What we’ve demonstrated is that adopting eco-conscious practices translates into cost savings”, points out the customer. The new machine has, in fact, significantly lowered the company’s average gas consumption. And this is more and more a main concern of forward-thinking companies.

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