Simpolo Ceramics inaugurates India's first SACMI Continua+ line

Simpolo Ceramics inaugurates India's first SACMI Continua+ line

A key player in Indian ceramics, Simpolo aims to revive the market by launching a new high and ultra-high end-product family: all made using SACMI's world-leading ceramic manufacturing technology. Installed and started up in record time, the line is - to the customer's great satisfaction - already up and running

Jitendra Aghara - Chief Managing Director
Simpolo, a leading Indian floor tile, wall tile and sanitaryware manufacturer, has a clear goal: to revitalise the medium and high-end market with new products and the best available technology. And to achieve that goal they have installed and started up a SACMI Continua+ line, the country's first.
Ever since taking its first steps back in 1977, Simpolo has constantly invested in technological innovation to develop outstanding ceramic products via efficient, sustainable solutions that meet customer and market needs. It is hardly surprising, then, that the company has decided to go with SACMI technology to set up a new large slab line. Installed at the Morbi plant in record time, the line has been operational since September.
Several factors played a role in the lead-up to the investment decision and its subsequent management. Firstly: the extraordinary potential of SACMI Continua+ in terms of slab size and thickness, the aesthetic quality of the finished product and the possibility of integration with digital decoration and glazing solutions. Secondly: the ability of the SACMI team - present in India with its SACMI Engineering sales and manufacturing facility - to work alongside the customer every step of the way, from design to after-sales.

Lastly: Continua+ does not just allow for the manufacture of ultra-high quality, great-looking products. It also lowers operating expenses (OPEX), enhancing the competitiveness of a sector that, in India as in many parts of the world, is being hampered by geopolitical tensions, a sluggish world economy and the recent slowdown in the local ceramics industry.

 Installed in record time – contract signed in January, work begun in March, inauguration in September - this new line will let Simpolo manufacture up to 15,000 m2 of new products per day. Integrated with SACMI digital decoration machines, the new line also includes several upstream/downstream SACMI solutions, such as dryer and kiln, and will produce mega-slabs as large as 1600x3200 mm.
Simpolo is determined to combine technological upgrades with a capacity to develop and promote an entire family of new products; hence, a dedicated event in Mumbai, which gave Sacmi the opportunity to meet the country's main dealers and sellers (no less than 800 contacts) and present some of the latest products in the range before the line was even operational. For SACMI, then, this investment confirms the soundness of a technology that is already the worldwide benchmark for large sizes: a technology that, in a market as fundamental as India, offers exciting strategic development prospects.
It is also an investment that - thanks to the resulting quantum leap that sets the future standards for technology and products - is already the talk of the town.

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