New SACMI drier for efficiency and energy savings <br>supplied to Ceramica Flaminia</br>

New SACMI drier for efficiency and energy savings
supplied to Ceramica Flaminia

Installed and started-up with success, this solution is an integration to the new highly automated Sacmi line already supplied. Top energy performance and optimum production flow management are the hallmarks of the latest investment.

SACMI promotes and sells state-of-the-art solutions all over the world to ensure the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective ageing and drying process for ceramic sanitaryware. These are the concepts underlying the choice of market leaders to invest in the advantages offered by SACMI machines. 
Among these is Ceramica Flaminia, top producer in the Italian district of Civita Castellana, which chose this drier in order to modernize – within the scope of a wider investment project in Sacmi technology – the department dedicated to the ageing process of the pieces leaving the casting lines.  
The first strongpoint of this drier is quality: the particular set-up of the machine guarantees perfect process uniformity, with relative humidity always below 1%. Control of the relative humidity throughout the entire cycle is achieved thanks to software control of the maximum air temperature as well as the dynamic injection, when necessary, of atomized water guaranteeing constant moisture level parameters and thus perfect repeatability of operations.   
With “intelligent” control of all functions, this solution stands out from other systems due to the minimum set-up times required, the regular monitoring of drying curves and the advantageous relation between output quality and minimization of rejects. Thanks to simplified data entry, intuitive fault diagnostics and programming functions, the SACMI drier is easy to use and guarantees maximum production flexibility with the possibility of handling a complex mix of articles, both simple and complex Vitreous China WC bowls and Fine Fire Clay pieces with an average weight of an individual piece (already dried) equal to 30 kg
Fundamental, from the point of view of energy saving, this solution is specially designed to guarantee specific consumption levels of 1148 kcal per kg of evaporated water. The drier is also equipped with an indirect hot air generator; due to the heat insulation of the external pipes, heat dissipation is further reduced thus optimizing control of heat consumption with an additional increase in machine efficiency.
The distinguishing feature of the new drier, installed and started up with success, is that it has been set up for fully automatic loading by laser guided vehicles (LGV). This approach confirms the vision of Ceramica Flaminia which is always a step ahead when choosing the best technologies available on the market for sanitaryware 4.0.

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