New SACMI solutions for the edible oil market

New SACMI solutions for the edible oil market

SACMI proposes new combined solutions with cap, pourer and preform for the edible oil market, characterized by:

  • Lower costs thanks to product weight reduction and a shorter cycle time
  • Manufacturing efficiency via the advantages of compression molding
  • Product quality through the technological expertise of SACMI R&D facilities, certified by the world’s major brand owners.


SACMI proposes:

Reliability and experience, gained with complete IPS lines for the injection molding of PET preforms.


  • compete at the top end of the market
  • are used in dozens of countries worldwide
  • are widely appreciated for their optimal, long-lasting performance, user-friendliness and easy maintenance

Unbeatable performance and compression molding quality with CCM presses.

These rotary compression presses set the industry standard for:

  • productivity
  • consistent product weight and size
  • energy savings
  • flexible format changeovers

Extensive experience in the assembly of pourer and cap with machines built by SACMI Group company Velomat, a post-processing specialist with thousands of installations worldwide.

SACMI integrates processes smoothly to achieve outstanding performance and product care.

Every stage of production is controlled by sophisticated vision systems that ensure each final packaging component is of the highest quality, from cap components to the assembled cap, the preform and the labelled bottle. etichettata


SACMI is one of only a handful of international players capable of offering complete solutions that include Preform, Cap, Pourer and Assembly. It does this by combining integration of the most advanced manufacturing solutions on the market with an advanced Technological Lab that is certified by the world’s major brand owners.

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