SACMI CVS, a new approach to intelligent vision for metal packaging

SACMI CVS, a new approach to intelligent vision for metal packaging

Advanced mechatronic systems, software and Artificial Intelligence. This is how SACMI develops the markets widest range of vision systems for Rigid Packaging. For the can-making sector: a range of dedicated solutions for the inspection of cans, decoration and metal sheets (also in-line with digital decoration)

The SACMI Computer Vision System is the latest frontier in quality control. The powerful, precise, modular and versatile SACMI CVS systems pervasively exploit the opportunities provided by Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques. The result is a new approach to the development and management of these systems, which are essential for validating the quality of individual products, but which more generally, are useful for optimising production processes.

The CVs software Suite

In the latest generation systems offered by SACMI, the AI - Artificial Intelligence approach can be found in all business units. This means a single, advanced and interoperable platform / software package for controlling all types of rigid packaging materials, caps, preforms, plastic and metal containers, decorations, labels.
Accordingly, the CVs (Computer Vision software) complements the new SACMI 'Suite', which includes the software (CVs22) integrated in the machines and common to all systems, the remote data logging and analysis platform (CVsWEB) and the Classy AI system that improves and simplifies system operation by automatically categorising the types of defect detected.

The main solutions for can makers 

SACMI Computer Vision offers the widest range of vision systems on the market, highly specific for each individual product to be inspected. The main systems for the can-making sector include iCan Beverage – for the quality control of the interior – and ELIOSCAN, specifically designed for inspecting the external decoration of cans and jars. The high configurability of the systems makes it possible to meet all requirements, for example, with iCan, by adding additional cameras to increase inspection accuracy.
Some of the latest innovations developed by SACMI are solutions specifically designed for inspecting coated (ECLIPSIM-COAT) and lithographed metal sheets. The latter, renamed the ECLIPSIM DECO-DIGIT, is also offered by SACMI in-line, with the SACMI DMD (digital metal decoration) printing machine: the result is a complete ecosystem aimed at maximum decoration customisation and highly advantageous when it comes to managing small batches, as required by the market.
When developing these systems, SACMI has updated hardware and software to provide the enormous computing power required. This means, for example, that sheet inspections can achieve accuracies close to a tenth of a millimetre, ranging from 'visual' defects (incorrect application of paint or coating) to highly specific defects, for example related to potential material contamination.

Mechatronic systems, simplified operation and cybersecurity

CVS is not just a machine: it is a collection of mechatronic systems comprising hardware, software and services. SACMI configures the specific mechanical solution according to the requirements of the individual product and production process, with a wide range of possibilities for customisation facilitated by modular system design. 
From a quality control perspective, these systems are not just the 'eyes' but also a real 'brain', to assist the operator. However, they are used more commonly for improving process control, identifying potential inefficiencies and correcting them in real time.
Another cornerstone of this approach is the need to make these systems, which are becoming increasingly necessary and more common in the packaging industry, as easy to use as possible, even for inexperienced operators. The revolution in machine management proposed by SACMI with the Classy AI platform, for example, goes in this direction.
The ever-increasing availability of data and the possibility of sharing it over data networks have highlighted the issue of cybersecurity. The entire SACMI CVs Suite is protected by encryption and enhanced authentication systems to safeguard data from cyber attacks. 

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