SACMI @ Djazagro 2024 – Algiers

SACMI @ Djazagro 2024 – Algiers

This year, solutions dedicated to the new family of 26/22 mm necks are taking SACMI packaging versatility to unmatched heights thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, new machine ‘self-diagnostics’ packages and integrated vision systems. The result: greater plant availability and long-lasting quality and efficiency.

Djazagro is back: from 22 to 25 April 2024, this key agri-food fair (SAFEX Exhibition Park, Algiers) will see SACMI play a pivotal role with its latest beverage packaging products, technologies and services.
Well positioned on the Algerian market with its range of CCM compression presses, SACMI delivers all-round expertise to help the industry transition towards new, high-efficiency standards such as the 26/22 mm.
In parallel, SACMI provides new digital tools such as on-press self-diagnostics to maximize plant availability and profitability, plus comprehensive preform development services and vision systems for each stage of production.

GME 30.40 (26/22mm), new ready-to-market solutions

SACMI is leading the global transition towards more sustainable rigid packaging that provides a better consumer experience and offers excellent new product design/development opportunities.
For example, customers can count on the market’s broadest range of dedicated caps in the 26/22 mm family for water, CSD and hot filling. Developed by the SACMI Rigid Packaging Lab, these solutions are certified by the industry’s major global players and are available in both tethered and non-tethered versions to meet every production requirement.

New digital services on CCM cap presses

With Smart Care, SACMI takes digitalization in the rigid packaging industry to a whole new level. Customers can use Smart Care on their CCM cap presses to share in-Cloud production data/parameters with the SACMI team, thus optimizing management and maintenance.
As of this year, the latest generation of CCMs has been equipped with a ‘self-diagnostics’ button: this makes them increasingly capable of self-adjusting, thus streamlining workers’ tasks and maintaining optimal quality and long-term production efficiency.

IPS, now even more flexible

The SACMI IPS (injection preform system) is a SACMI-developed preform press that maximizes versatility and performance in combination with cap lines.
With the IPS220E, SACMI has extended the excellent mold-related versatility (already as-standard on the IPS300 and IPS400) to all the models in the IPS family: users can, in fact, install both SACMI and third-party molds on this model too.

‘Integrated’ and stand-alone vision

SACMI is the only company to integrate a vision system, the PVS156, directly into the preform press (IPS300): this shifts the focus of quality control from individual products to the process, ensuring early detection of any drifting away from parameters.
The PVS156 is part of a wider family of vision systems dedicated to every single stage of the process. That family also includes the PVS002 for off-line preform checks. Together, such solutions combine quality control of cap, slitting and the tamper-evident band. Moreover, all SACMI Computer Vision solutions can be equipped with latest-generation software packages (CVs Suite), such as the new Classy AI software that automatically classifies defects.

Metal caps, sport and spirit caps

Almost every crown cap machine in the world is made by SACMI, which provides a comprehensive range of solutions for metal caps (e.g. alu screw caps, ring-pull lines, lugged caps). And there’s more: at Djazagro SACMI will be illustrating the complex cap/dispenser assembly systems by the Velomat brand: electronically-controlled, ultra-high-performance solutions that are ideal not just for sports and spirit caps but also cardboard packages (such as milk cartons).

Complete bottling lines

From the ‘product concept’ to the full, capped, labeled container: the SACMI Beverage range also includes complete bottling lines that cover the entire machine range (stretch-blow molders, fillers, labelers). Manufacturers can enjoy output rates of 16,000 - 81,000 bph thanks to SACMI dual-cavity technology (applicable on formats as large as 750 ml), which guarantees speeds of up to 4,500 bph per cavity.
Completing the range are machines for larger formats of up to 12 liters, with output rates from 2,400 bph to 8,400 bph. Equally noteworthy are the high-performance, minimal-maintenance labeling solutions that feature technologically-advanced cutting units.
In addition to outstanding machine performance (the new FEC electronic capper for filling lines is a case in point), SACMI Beverage provides manufacturers with all-round consultancy: thanks to the Packaging Center and synergy with the SACMI Rigid Packaging Lab, consultancy spans from preform development to container design.

Packaging & Chocolate: all-round solutions

Completing the SACMI packaging range are the machines and plants used to process and package chocolate and other food/non-food products. SACMI Packaging & Chocolate is renowned for high levels of automation, outstanding versatility and unmatched productivity: hardly surprising, as its brands have led European and international markets for over 110 years.
Electronically controlled drives, low maintenance and short machine set-up times ensure the SACMI Packaging & Chocolate range delivers the versatility that’s a must in the chocolate, bakery and confectionery sectors.

SACMI at Djazagro 2024, SAFEX Exhibition Park, 22-25 April 2024, stand CTE076.

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