Smart, digital, connected technology for caps and preforms. Waitin’ 4 you at Chinaplas!

Smart, digital, connected technology for caps and preforms. Waitin’ 4 you at Chinaplas!

‘Deep control’ of machine and process form the heart of the latest systems. Next-gen software and AI offer opportunities for even higher efficiency, higher productivity and easier management. At Shanghai, manufacturers can take a close look at all of SACMI's profitable, ready-to-use, future-proof solutions, all designed to smooth their transition to sustainability

The 36th edition of Chinaplas (23-26 April 2024, National Exhibition and Convention Center, Hongqiao, Shanghai) will see SACMI focus on its digital revolution in beverage cap and preform production: ready-to-use solutions that offer tangible advantages on the process, on the products and on system user-friendliness, so that SACMI customers can enjoy ever-better efficiency, productivity and performance.

SACMI CCM, digital inside

The same on the outside but completely different on the inside, the latest generation of SACMI CCM presses is increasingly high-performance and user-friendly: these presses can even predict their own behavior and that of the process.
In an exclusive preview, SACMI will illustrate how some of the key process parameters self-adjust on the basis of feedback from CVS control systems, designed and built by SACMI.
In Shanghai, SACMI will be exhibiting a CCM48 equipped with Smart Pack 2. This latest set of advanced controls, available on the CCM range from 2024, allows even more accurate, proactive control of hydraulics, pellet insertion and raw materials.
Another first is the new ‘prediction’ button on the press. This is designed to help users anticipate any production drifts and manage maintenance proactively.

Cloud and AI

For customers, opportunities abound. They can, for instance, share machine data with the SACMI Smart Care service on the Cloud; new Artificial Intelligence tools applied to vision systems mean they can enjoy the advantages of transitioning away from quality control to process control.
There are three main challenges: anticipating problems, increasing efficiency and - thanks to the AI in SACMI systems - streamlining line and process management.
For example, SACMI is the first company to have developed a preform press (IPS range) that directly incorporates a vision system, the new PVS156. SACMI also develops specific systems for the control of every stage of cap (CVS, CHS, PFMC) and preform (PVS) manufacture.
The pioneering CVs Software Suite, the 2024 release of which is now available, is provided with all SACMI Computer Vision systems. The Suite also includes Classy AI: this allows automatic classification of defects, making these increasingly common quality control systems much easier to use.

Future-proof technology (and products)

The digital r-evolution on SACMI-made cap and preform machines focuses on monitoring the health/efficiency of both the machine and the production process.
Alongside new features on the machines themselves, SACMI aims to help customers make the transition to new formats and standards via solutions that are profitable, ready to use and future-proof. These include tamper band slitting in post-processing downstream from compression molding, which lets producers switch to tethered caps quickly, flexibly and with limited outlay. 
This also aids the adoption and diffusion of new standards such as 26/22 mm with the latest solutions are already on the market and are certified by the major international brand owners. Each solution in this new family has specific advantages with respect to those already in use, even the highest-performing ones.

Patented efficiency (only with us)

With the latest generation of IPS (injection preform system) presses, SACMI has extended its technological leadership in cap manufacturing into preform production.
Systems such as the Cool+ mold have been designed and patented by SACMI to ensure customers achieve their productivity goals while maximizing long-term machine/plant efficiency.
On-site technical assistance and original spare parts - always available through SACMI Shanghai - provide further customer guarantees so that they always get the most from their investment in SACMI technology.

Visit the SACMI stand at Chinaplas 2024 (2.1F61 hall 2.1) and find the solution that’s right for you!

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