SACMI to illustrate key trends in Rigid Packaging at the 6th edition of Agrofood Ethiopia 2024. Innovative solutions that focus on sustainability and digitalization, co-developed daily with customers worldwide.

On stand E1 in the Millennium Hall in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (16 - 18 May 2024), SACMI will present the latest technological innovations on the CCM, designed to deliver energy savings and cutting-edge controls. Alongside them will be revolutionary, dedicated ‘vision’ systems. Plus, from the SACMI Lab, a ready-to-market solution for a streamlined, profitable transition towards new lightweight neck standards.

The development of increasingly lighter, higher-performance caps and preforms - which save both energy and raw materials - through research into new materials has been a centerpiece of SACMI strategy for years. Our goal: to provide Ethiopian customers with close support on new investment projects that seek to reduce cap+neck weight without compromising performance and, more generally, boost the competitiveness and profitability of their plants. 


SACMI will illustrate the latest improvements on a production platform that’s designed to yield competitive advantages and enhance sustainability: benefits that stem from a new generation of machines and controls, and advanced research into recycled and new bio-based materials.
The world’s leading provider of cap manufacturing technology, SACMI offers new set-ups on CCMs such as the CM-Flow extruder, capable of processing up to 200 kg/h of resin, reducing floorspace requirements and, above all, lowering electricity consumption (by up to 9%).
Developed to respond to new market needs, the ‘Made in SACMI’ SMART cap manufacturing line offers configurations that include tamper band slitting-folding machines. This provides a flexible, advantageous solution that meets the latest tethered standards and boosts your current production capacity regardless of the employed molding technology.
Moving on from caps to preforms, the IPS injection press range delivers high performance, low consumption, quick settings and fast changeovers. Workers’ tasks are streamlined at every stage - from start-up to size changeovers and control of auxiliary units - and use of only the highest-quality components ensures reliability.
From a sustainability and efficiency perspective, the IPS offers the lowest specific consumption on the market. It also makes it easier to use recycled PET in flake form (blends can have a recycled content of up to 75%) and provides additional process control advantages. Manufacturers also have the option of the PVS156 inspection system, which performs in-line quality control. The first and ONLY solution on the market to be integrated directly on the press, it replaces your existing quality control system, monitoring the process and warning the operator in the event of any drifts, all without affecting production efficiency.


Smart Pack is a digital control package that combines advanced sensors with on-board controls, collecting and processing multiple operating parameters. This lets you predict malfunctions, downtimes and/or adapt maintenance plans to actual plant conditions.
Machine-produced data is processed in the cloud by the Smart Care service, which performs continuous, in-depth medium- and long-term ‘health checks’ on your machines. Smart Care ensures you make the best line management decisions, boost plant availability, increase your output capacity and drastically reduce the risk of operator error.


Still want more? Discover the huge benefits of the Computer Vision Systems that SACMI has designed and produced for over 40 years. In general, we offer the widest range of market-leading CVS vision systems; these inspect products such as caps, preforms and containers, and monitor beverage and metal packaging line processes. Most importantly, they deliver valuable feedback to ensure process correction and defect minimization to achieve zero-waste production, all with the highest accuracy and precision.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll be there for you, ready to listen, respond to your needs and provide you with technologically cutting-edge solutions that also cover metal caps, dairy and pharma containers, multilayer and single-serve products, not to mention VELOMAT assembly machines.


SACMI is generating considerable interest with solutions that look to the new 26/22 mm neck finish standard - already used in Africa by leading brands - combined with a cap that weighs just 1 gram. Alternatively, the 25/22 with ultra-light cap currently provides the lightest solution on the market (0.8 grams).
On the most widespread neck standard, the 30/25 GME30.21, SACMI already offers a neck that’s 15% lighter, again combined with a light cap (up to 1.60 g). However, the biggest switch will come with the 29/25 GME30.26 on which SACMI has developed a neck of just 2.05 g (the standard weight is 2.4 g) that can be combined with a 1.15 g cap.
What’s more, on the standard PCO1881 neck finish, caps as light as 1.4 g are already available, depending on the required application and performance.
Through the in-depth understanding of the entire process provided by the Lab, SACMI delivers a comprehensive set of solutions that range from cap compression machines to preform presses and dedicated vision systems for every stage of production.

Visit the SACMI stand (E.1) at Agrofood Ethiopia (Addis Abeba, 16-18 May 2024)!

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