SACMI to play pivotal role at Expo Pack Mexico 2024

SACMI to play pivotal role at Expo Pack Mexico 2024

The latest innovations in cap and preform machinery. Profitable, ready-to-market solutions that smooth the customer’s transition to a green and digital future. 

SACMI will be at Expo Pack Mexico 2024 - from 4th to 7th June in Mexico City - to showcase a series of technological innovations for cap and preform pressing that are arousing keen interest. Visitors can also look forward to seeing our bottling machines and plants, and the relative technical assistance services provided by SACMI de Mexico.

Thanks to the unrivalled expertise of its Lab, SACMI offers a complete product development service: from design of cap and preform - and the technologies needed to make them - to specialized quality control solutions that use the Classy AI system.

More recent innovations include SACMI’s ability to help customers transition to new cap-neck standards such as the 26/22 mm: to achieve this, the company provides the market's widest range of new tethered caps to meet every possible production requirement.

Latest developments on the CCM (Continuous Compression Molding) compression molding machine have resulted in the direct incorporation of cutting-edge quality control, thus boosting plant availability and reliability, and even predicting its future behavior. New CCM compression molding machines feature the next-gen extruder, CM-Flow, which reduces both overall size and consumption while ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards. The installed machine pool now includes over 90 CCMs in Mexico and almost 300 throughout Latin America.

Yet that’s not all: SACMI Smart Care services are available for the entire range of latest-generation compression molding machines. These deliver cutting-edge assistance by leveraging in-cloud analysis of machine data, making production line control more proactive and more accurate.

SACMI's Injection Preform System (IPS) is also enjoying considerable success, with more than 25 presses installed in Mexico, Central America and Latin America in just 10 years. IPS presses, in fact, incorporate the PVS 156 quality control system, which uses AI to perform fast yet precise preform inspection.
SACMI is also meticulously attentive to sustainability throughout the production process. The goal? To help make innovation eco-friendly and ensure its compliance with current regulations and trends in end-user consumption.

SACMI de Mexico offers comprehensive support before, during and after the sale, thanks to a team of expert technicians and a far-reaching local presence. Interested parties are invited to visit the SACMI stand (hall A #3014) and take a close look at all the technologies and services on offer.

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