SACMI designs the can-making factory of the future

SACMI designs the can-making factory of the future

It is based on collaborative human-machine vision, an approach that is already a reality thanks to new digital tools such as the virtual assistant “Gilda-AI”. This is complemented by the new CVs software suite, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms.

In its constant quest for innovation, the can-making industry is being transformed by the drivers of artificial intelligence and advanced vision. SACMI is leading this evolution by shaping the factory of the future with cutting-edge technologies based on a collaborative human-machine vision.

Gilda-AI, much more than a simple chatbot

SACMI's approach to the factory of the future is based on the idea that technologies should not only increase productivity, but also ensure the safety and well-being of operators. This concept is reflected in CVS (Computer Vision Systems) machines and vision devices that not only detect defects with unprecedented accuracy, but also offer unparalleled virtual support through SACMI's new 24/7 digital assistant, Gilda-AI.
Gilda-AI is much more than just a chatbot: a "virtual colleague" that speaks the same language as the operators and provides immediate and intuitive solutions to any problem. Thanks to Gilda-AI and CVs software suite, there is no need to consult manuals or search for complex solutions: the answer is at your fingertips.

Classy-AI, a revolution also in system management

SACMI's CVs suite has been redesigned to integrate AI and deep learning algorithms, making the devices simpler and more intuitive to use. These include Classy-AI, the user-friendly interface that provides 3D representations of inspected objects and automatic defect classification. The CVS Suite not only improves inspection accuracy, but also makes the process more efficient and accessible to non-experts.
This software suite can be installed on the full range of vision systems for primary rigid packaging, from the inspection of crown caps, aluminium caps, and metal containers to preforms and plastic containers as well. 

Dedicated solutions for can makers

Together with advanced software, the widest possible application specificity is the other trump card of the SACMI CVS range of vision systems. Among the solutions dedicated to can makers, SACMI offers specific systems such as iCan for quality control of the inside of cans and ELIOSCAN for the inspection of the external decoration.
With the ECLIPSIM line, SACMI has also developed advanced solutions for the inspection of coated and lithographed sheet metal, achieving inspection accuracies close to a tenth of a millimetre. 
To ensure the security of sensitive data, all tools in the CVS suite are protected by sophisticated encryption and advanced authentication systems.

The future of quality and process control in can-making

With advanced technologies to improve the efficiency and productivity of production processes and the virtual support offered by new digital assistants, SACMI CVS systems are redefining the state of the art in quality and process control in the can-making sector. A future that, thanks to a path that has been built step by step, starting with listening to customers' needs, is already a reality at SACMI.

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