Maintenance plans

Maintenance plans

Guaranteed production output for your peace of mind.

  • The preventive and corrective maintenance packages supplied by SACMI can be tailored to your needs.
  • Proper preventive maintenance helps minimise downtime, thanks to scheduled service and fewer unexpected breakdowns.
  • Thanks to our SMART and SECURE packages you can keep unexpected costs under control: production without nasty surprises.


our SMART package includes: planned technical assistance adapted to your production plan; machine check-up; materials for routine and ordinary maintenance; replacement of materials in accordance with maintenance schedules; coaching and training for your technicians.


SECURE is the package that includes the preventive maintenance plan and the corrective maintenance plan. Included in the package are all the elements of the SMART package plus all the spare parts your line will need and the skilled personnel required to carry out all major services. You will need nothing else.


We always try to figure out what the future will be like. SACMI is developing the first detection systems that allow predictive maintenance. This will help you replace parts just before a break occurs. STAY TUNED!

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