Duravit China + SACMI RobotCasting = a perfect partnership

Duravit China + SACMI RobotCasting = a perfect partnership

Following the glazing line and the complete transport systems, SACMI’s high-pressure casting technology now makes its mark on the Chongquing factory too. A further leap in quality towards plant automation.   

SACMI Sanitaryware automation plays a leading role at Duravit China which has now made a further leap in quality by investing in RobotCasting technology. Further to the robotized glazing lines and automatic handling with Laser-guided Vehicles (supplied in 2019 and 2020), the first ALS casting machine has now been installed at the factory signifying the start of SACMI high-pressure casting being adopted at the company. 
Already up and running, the new machine was successfully commissioned in December. Dedicated to the production of water tanks and lids, the ALS has a max. capacity of 10 mould positions and can handle a total of 40 pieces per cycle, 80 pieces per hour with a diversified production mix. SACMI was also responsible for the product development supplying 7 complete modelling developments.   
As with the previous supplies – which were focused on the glazing cells, handling and storage systems – the pressure casting machine was delivered to Duravit’s model plant based in Chongqing, an ultra-modern production unit working to support the Group’s ambitious plan for development and penetration of the Chinese market.
In addition to the significant jump in technological quality, the other important aspect to underline is the fact that the new supply can be perfectly integrated with the factory automation logic system. This is achieved thanks to the robot serving the cell which controls all casting, automatic demoulding and also car loading stages. The new supply therefore fits perfectly into the concept of the 4.0 smart factory, from the interconnectivity between machines to the solutions for automatic handling and internal logistics.  

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