Sanitaryware automation – All the advantages of SACMI RobotCasting AVI and ALV

Sanitaryware automation – All the advantages of SACMI RobotCasting AVI and ALV

Leading innovator in sanitaryware automation, SACMI has manufactured and sold more than 6 thousand moulds and 570 casting machines around the world for the production of ceramic sanitaryware. Among SACMI’s latest achievements are the AVI and ALV at the forefront of the market for quality, process repeatability and upgrading of operator work. 

Today, more than 90% of SACMI’s supplies to the sanitaryware market around the world are equipped with robots or set-up for their future implementationLeading innovator in this sectorSACMI has, over the course of its history, sold more than 6000 moulds and 570 casting machines and, since the nineties, has been developing latest-generation casting cells served by robots. 
Among its most recent solutions for the market is the AVI for the high-pressure casting of complex WCs with stick-on rim. First launched on the market 5 years ago, SACMI has now installed more than 30 AVI machines in different countries around the world. Highly innovative from the point-of-view of automation, the AVI cell represents the very best in terms of quality, process repeatability and health & safety in the workplace. With this solution every single stagefrom the sticking operations to demoulding and up to car loading is carried out by a robot.  
Flexibility is one of the main strong-points of this type of machine which is able to manage the most varied types of pieces: in addition to WC bowls with stick-on rim, it can also produce the modern rimless WCs or even the most complex one-piece and shell-engine models - the latter is a technology whereby the internal functional part of the WC (the engine) and the external part (the shell) and the rim are made in separate moulds.  
Whilst leading the way with the latest advances in this sector, SACMI has always guaranteed, when developing new solutions, perfect compatibility with pre-existing moulds, such as those already in use by customers on the well-established machines such as the single-mould AVM and multi-mould AVE  
Additional solutions around the cell have also been developed to increase quality, productivity and process efficiency such as, for example, the pre-dryer – used to reduce the piece hardening times – which works in synergy with automated handling systems, more and more often carried out by laser-guided vehicles (LGV). 
According to the same concepts of automation and total quality SACMI has also developed the ALV for the production of washbasins and, in particular, countertop washbasinsDesigned to handle up to 6 casting modules with a single robot (to which it is also possible to assign the automatic finishing operations as well as car loading), the ALV cell offers a unique level of versatility.  
The independent control of the work cycle for each single module means that different products can be made at the same time, even using different bodies The same robot can manage, in addition to handling operations, also a large part of the finishing operations thus ensuring further simplification of factory logistics and a reduction of the footprint.  
Thanks to tracking, the customer can also implement, with few operators and optimized flow control, advanced functions such as order management, monitoring and preventative maintenance  

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