Through-body veining, RAK Ceramics chooses ‘total synchronization’ by SACMI

Through-body veining, RAK Ceramics chooses ‘total synchronization’ by SACMI

Integrated on the Continua+, this solution lets manufacturers synchronize through-body decorations and digital effects perfectly. Already fully operational, the line broadens and enhances the range produced by UAE-based RAK, one of the global ceramic industry’s leading players.

The world’s 3rd largest manufacturer of floor and wall tiles, United Arab Emirates-based RAK Ceramics is expanding its high-added-value range featuring through-body veining. To do so, it’s gone for the innovative SACMI powder dosing system, integrated on the Continua+ line and seamlessly synchronized with downstream digital decoration devices.
A comprehensive solutions provider - from powder preparation to end-of-line - SACMI fully integrates the machines that make up the ceramic plant, giving manufacturers the advantage of a platform that is scalable and expandable on the basis of actual customer and market needs.
On this latest solution to be supplied to RAK (installed on the existing Continua+ line), SACMI has incorporated the through-body veining digital decoration concept. Here, spray dried powder deposits are managed by the APC device; this allows for the creation of through-body veins whose color, orientation and size are then matched perfectly with the digital wet decoration (SACMI DHD) graphics applied on the slab surface. Synchronization is controlled by the SVV through-body veining vision system. The latter detects the shape and position of the veins made with the APC and matches them with the DHD digital graphics file to obtain an optimal match. The result? Highly distinctive products of outstanding quality and aesthetic depth, and perfectly matched through-body decoration and surface effects.
Smooth collaboration between SACMI technicians and the RAK team - and the use of new digital remote support/assistance services - ensured the solution was successfully assembled and tested. Now fully operational at the main Ras al-Khaimah facility, which already boasts the best of SACMI tile-making technology, the line will produce both large floor and wall slabs and furnishing items such as tables and high-end kitchen counter tops.

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