COOL+ mold, unmatched efficiency and reliability

Productivity, sustainability, efficiency. SACMI offers the guarantees that only a sole partner can provide, from technical assistance to spare parts, maximizing return on investment at all times

Developed and patented by SACMI in 2012, the boosted-cooling COOL+ mold has become a must-have for the SACMI CCM compression press range.

For more than thirty years, SACMI has been making compression molding presses more profitable for its customers by patenting innovative solutions for presses and molds alike.

More specifically, the COOL+ mold features a dual cooling circuit that drastically reduces cycle times and consequently boosts productivity.

The world’s leading supplier with over 2000 presses installed in 91 countries, SACMI develops mold technology to meet key market needs: higher efficiency, lower costs and, above all, easier installation on existing machines.

From this standpoint COOL+ is, thanks to increased productivity, the perfect ally for companies looking to speed up the amortization of existing lines and pave the way for new investment and development projects.

COOL+ is also a friend of the environment as it lets manufacturers minimize specific energy consumption during cap cooling by optimizing heat transfer like no other mold on the market.

Thanks to a fast, far-reaching spare parts service, SACMI is able to guarantee total reliability on all its machines and molds.

Using original SACMI components and spare parts maximizes the long-term return on investment, as does being able to count on a sole provider 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

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