SACMI RobotGlaze solutions at Creavit now reach a total of 7!

SACMI RobotGlaze solutions at Creavit now reach a total of 7!

The Turkish company, part of the Çanakcilar Group, invests once more in SACMI’s robotized glazing with a focus on sustainability thanks to dry filtering and glaze recovery. The latest design washbasins of up to 120cm and more are at the forefront of the company’s production range.

With the aim of creating a new top quality design product, using sustainable glazing and a high level of automation, SACMI has been chosen again as partner by Creavit, the Turkish company which is part of the Çanakcilar Group. The latest investment brings to seven the number of SACMI RobotGlaze solutions now installed at their production plant.
The main focus is on production of the new design washbasins in large sizes; from 50 to 120 cm and over. The latest glazing line supplied by SACMI will therefore be dedicated to manufacture of these pieces.  The line is equipped with two new GA 2000 robots, the SACMI-Gaiotto solution which has become a benchmark in the world of robotized glazing, complete with conveyor belts and an angle transfer device.
The distinctive feature of this supply, an addition to the considerable fleet of SACMI RobotGlaze machines already installed at Creavit’s factory, is the robot equipment that includes off-line glazing programming software; a new solution for the company which has chosen to try out this latest opportunity and make use also of the training service provided by SACMI.
Among the leading brands of the Çanakcilar Group, Creavit has always paid special attention to production sustainability. This has led the company to choose the best technology available on the market and, in this specific case, that means the equipment for dry filtering and complete glaze recovery to eliminate water consumption. Furthermore, the solution is provided with the SACMI patented mass control system for controlling density, temperature and flowrate to optimize quantities of glaze applied and guarantee top quality application at all times.  

Both robots are equipped with GDA80; the SACMI needle-free spray gun which has been hugely successful on the market due to its zero maintenance and high performance characteristics. The solution will be dedicated to the glazing of large countertop washbasins  with the possibility, thanks to the robot, to handle safely and effectively even pieces up to 120 cm.  
For SACMI this project is confirmation of a successful partnership with one of the most dynamic companies in Turkey which, as is the tradition in this country, concentrates its production on top-of-the-range products with high quality and modern design mainly destined for export to European markets.


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