SACMI at Pack Expo Chicago. Green and profitable innovation on Rigid Packaging Lines

SACMI at Pack Expo Chicago. Green and profitable innovation on Rigid Packaging Lines

A profitable strategy for sustainable Rigid Packaging. SACMI will soon be exhibiting at Pack Expo Chicago, the international packaging & processing technology fair, to be held from 23 to 26 October 2022.

The fair returns after a four-year hiatus, during which market challenges have multiplied; however, so have the opportunities, thanks to unique processes and technologies, cutting-edge digitalization and a new approach to machine and installation assistance. The challenges
The biggest challenge goes by the name of sustainability, a must if we are to demonstrate that plastic - essential for the food packaging industry - is compatible with environmental protection. Achieving that goal means limiting its dispersion into the environment, reducing consumption of virgin resins and creating a complete supply chain that adheres to circular economy principles.
One of the key responses - indeed, a legal obligation on European markets - goes by the name tethered: a cap that remains attached to the bottle after opening. To meet this requirement, SACMI has designed and launched, well ahead of the EU deadline, a profitable ready-to-use solution: an in-line tamper band slitting, folding and quality control machine that can handle this new type of cap with the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness. That proposal goes hand in hand with the services provided by our Laboratory, which assists the industry in developing new tethered cap standards, ready to meet every market need.
SACMI’s unique ability to deliver integrated cap-preform design has also shifted the lightweighting frontier further forwards. The result: lighter and lighter caps that continue to offer the same uncompromising performance, as the launch of new necks like the 26/28 mm and the relative caps clearly demonstrates.
Digitalizing Rigid Packaging lines means producing better, consuming less raw material and energy, streamlining the operator’s tasks and revolutionizing both quality control and customer service. So how is that done? Applying this approach to CCM compression presses - SACMI’s world-beating one-piece cap production solution - has led to the development of ‘Smart Pack’, a set of cutting-edge controls that delivers numerous advantages such as greater machine availability and a longer lifespan for machine components.
Smart Pack drastically reduces the risk of errors that could damage the machine or cause line downtimes. What’s more, on CCM presses manufacturers can also select the new CM-Flow extruder, an efficient, compact solution that boosts productivity while reducing consumption.
‘Digital by SACMI’ also means dedicated vision systems for every stage of the process. In addition to ensuring intensive quality control of production, these systems return a valuable data set that helps operators monitor plant performance, allowing early detection of any production drifts and optimizing every single factor. It also means manufacturers can count on an advanced, user-friendly interface, the new Classy AI, which features innovative artificial intelligence. SACMI has previewed this solution on the PVS controls that monitor the latest generation of IPS 300 preform machines, setting a new market standard.
How can producers always get the most from their plant? The answer: with Smart Care, a SACMI-supplied service that runs continuous, in-depth medium/long term health checks on the machines. An advanced IoT service for in-cloud collection and management of data generated by machines and plants, Smart Care uses AI analysis to predict their behavior and process trends. This puts ‘predictive maintenance’ within the manufacturers’ grasp, letting them stay ahead of problems and keep plants running at the highest efficiency at all times.
Still want more? SACMI Smart Care users can also opt for a premium remote proactive monitoring service, which provides a team of SACMI experts dedicated to analyzing your data and identifying areas for improvement.
Visit us at Pack Expo Chicago 2022 (stand n. S-2122, South Building)!

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