Handling and glazing 4.0 with SACMI for Villeroy & Boch Hungary

Handling and glazing 4.0 with SACMI for Villeroy & Boch Hungary

Our valuable partnership continues with modernization of the site at Hódmezővásárhely for full automation.
SACMI supplies latest generation solutions for robotized handling and glazing designed for total production traceability, respect for the environment and operator health & safety. 

SACMI remains Villeroy & Boch’s partner for the modernization project at its production plant in Hungary.  Full automation, respect for health & safety and for the environment are the values behind this investment featuring, in particular, handling-glazing solutions supplied by SACMI-Gaiotto.
The line supplied covers three main stages of production; car unloading and piece deposit in the finishing station, loading and deposit in the area for inside glazing of the siphon, external glazing. The very latest generation solutions have been provided to ensure maximum versatility according to the size, shape and typology of the piece to be handled.  
Thanks to complete automation, the various stages can be controlled without an operator and without the need for manual operations. SACMI-Gaiotto dry filtering booths, provided both in the finishing and glazing areas, guarantee maximum health and safety in the workplace. The result is zero dust and the possibility to fully recycle the glaze overspray.  
Parameterization and complete automation of handling is not the only benefit to be obtained. The new robotized solutions are in fact interfaced with SACMI via the customer’s factory supervisor in order to achieve total traceability of production with real time monitoring of performances and the possibility to record production data.
With this investment a valuable partnership continues between SACMI and Villeroy & Boch - the historic company with more than 200 years of experience operating in the ceramics sector, specializing in top quality design tableware and sanitaryware, with 13 production plants around the world (8 of which are in Europe) – in particular as regards the future of the strategic factory at Hódmezővásárhely, in southern Hungary.

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