Tracking and “digital identity”, Duravit takes another step towards total automation

Tracking and “digital identity”, Duravit takes another step towards total automation

New solution designed to digitally print QR codes on items cast by the ALV passes final testing in Hornberg, Germany. A fully automatic solution that eliminates manual tracking and streamlines the interface with the supervisor

Digital and automatic ‘total tracking’, right from the article moulding phase and in connection with the factory supervisor. Recently installed by Duravit at its headquarters in Hornberg, Germany, this new SACMI solution prints a QR code and an ID number on the article just as it leaves the casting cell.
The first such solution to be installed by this multinational producer of high quality designer sanitaryware - and one of the very first on the market - the digital printer works in line with the existing SACMI ALV washbasin casting machine.
Its aim is to streamline the interface with the factory SAP and take the plant closer to achieving full automation of tracking functions. Previously, in fact, workers had to fill out the information and attach the label to the newly moulded article manually.
Duravit uses SACMI technology and automation all over the world: this latest project launches a new phase that aims to make further use of  digital controls and seize the opportunities they offer. In addition to greater automation, higher efficiency and lower risk of error, the system also facilitates proactive order management through real-time monitoring of production data, performance and quality.


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