SACMI presents a new edition of its Ceramic Sanitaryware book

SACMI presents a new edition of its Ceramic Sanitaryware book

Latest edition comes 12 years after the first publication. This two-volume work illustrates technological trends in the industry, from automation and sustainability to the digitalization of production processes.

SACMI has released a new edition of Ceramic Sanitaryware Technology, a unique editorial initiative that explains industry-specific technology, trends and know-how. Previewed at Tecna 2022, this two-volume book updates the previous edition, released in 2010.
The work reflects the many changes that have affected the industry in recent years: automation, fewer manual processes, a parallel increase in process quality and repeatability, smaller environmental and social footprints and a complete rethink of the very concept of the ‘factory’.
Like the preceding editions, the book draws on SACMI's daily experience alongside customers worldwide. It takes a close look at the twin challenges of sustainability and the digital transition, illustrating new SACMI solutions in which robotics and software play a role at every stage of the sanitaryware production process.

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