Chinese giant New Pearl purchases four SACMI Continua+ lines

Chinese giant New Pearl purchases four SACMI Continua+ lines

Leading Chinese player selects the most productive, versatile technology ever for slab and coordinated sub-size manufacturing. All stages of shipment now complete, with two PCR 2000s and two PCR 2180s soon to start producing at the New Pearl Sanshui factory.

New Pearl has purchased four new SACMI Continua+ lines, soon to be installed at the New Pearl Sanshui plant, Guangdong Province. Founded in 1993 and now one of the global ceramic industry’s top players with an output capacity of over 200 million m2/year, this Chinese colossus is investing in the SACMI technology that sets the standard for the production of slabs and coordinated sub-sizes.
As part of the investment, two PCR 2000s and two PCR 2180s were recently shipped. The latter - the most productive and versatile model ever - can process up to 21,500 m2/day of fired, ground slabs and tiles with widths of up to 1800 mm.
All these SACMI-supplied solutions are integrated with cutting machines. This combines outstanding productivity and fast changeovers with ultra-flexible management of production flows, making Continua+ the perfect solution for both slabs and sub-sizes.
New Pearl has been a valuable SACMI forming technology partner for a long time: now, with Continua+, thanks to waste that never exceeds 1.5% regardless of size and a specific consumption of no more than 0.05 kWh/m2, the customer is also getting the most competitive technology in terms of sustainability and process efficiency. And that’s not all. Hydraulic oil requirements are greatly reduced (90% lower than on a discontinuous press) and no foundations are needed, making installation possible on service floors or the second floor of a building.
Installation and testing will be carried out in close cooperation with the SACMI Nanhai technical team. In keeping with the customer’s plans, the new lines are expected to be fully operational by the end of 2023, strengthening New Pearl's leadership and competitiveness in the large sizes segment.

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