AVI Concept: the preferred choice of Duravit France

AVI Concept: the preferred choice of Duravit France

Further to the two machines installed in 2022, the customer has recently purchased another two AVI complete with robot and pre-dryer. The unrivalled versatility of the AVI was the prime determining factor behind the investment made by Duravit to complete technological upgrading at the Bischwiller plant. 

Following the success of the first SACMI AVI machines started up at Duravit France’s Bischwiller plant a year ago, the company has once more confirmed its preference for this sanitaryware production technology by doubling the number of AVI operating at the Alsace-based factory.
Specifically, the customer installed and started up 2 further AVI cells complete with robot and pre-dryer to complete the technological upgrading process - based on automation and production versatility - carried out at its French production plant.
The fact that the AVI is extremely versatile, as thoroughly tried and tested during their first year of operation, proved to be the determining factor for the customer when deciding on the new investment. In fact, the AVI makes it possible to perform rapid changeover assisted by automatic robot-controlled handling of all parts of the mould. 
An additional reason behind the choice of this machine is that AVI Concept provides the opportunity to install any type of SACMI mould; even those made for other machines (such as the SACMI AVM and AVE – the latter already operating for many years at Duravit France). This latest investment recognizes the excellence of the SACMI product and takes place alongside many other projects already carried out or currently in progress at the main production plants of the Duravit Group throughout the world. 

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